Stocking our ponds

Eric and I took our trek to Madison County Soil Water Conservation District (SWCD) to pick up our minnows, large mouth bass and catfish for stocking our ponds this morning. It is about an hour drive from our house to Route 12B just north of Hamilton. I know the route well as my hip operation was in Hamilton. We arrived about 9:40; there were only 3 trucks getting fish. The supplier was Hicklings Fish Hatchery from Edmenston.

Eric had a good time watching them net the fish and had to look at each bucket before I dumped them into our trash bag lined garbage cans. It started to rain as we finished up loading our fish and we encountered heavy downpours on our drive back. The ride home seemed much quicker. When we got home it was raining lightly. We dumped as much water out of the cans as possible and transported the 500 minnows, 100 bass and 50 catfish to the ponds. The minnows and bass were distributed between both ponds and the catfish all went into the larger, lower pond. All fished survived the trip. Eric and I ended up so wet and muddy we shed our shoes, socks and jeans in the basement and had to completely change our clothes to get dry.

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