Camping on Terrace Mountain

This past weekend seized upon a target of opportunity (free time and convenient proximity) to go camping on Terrace Mtn in Schoharie. During our Murphy Lake trip we realized several of us had the weekend free and since I would be in Schoharie helping my mom we decided on an impromptu camping trip on Terrace Mtn. When I was in High School our outing club “The Schoharie County Canoeing, Cliff Climbing and Pit Plunging Club” (all 4 of us) used to rock climb and rappel on the cliffs (the rocks were much younger then). The Lawtons, who own 300 acres on the top of Terrace Mtn along the cliffs, permitted us to overnight on their land. We had eight participants including 1st timers Kyle & Ryan. We took a short hike to overlook the valley, cooked burgers and hot dogs and chatted up the night around a nice fire. The weather was warm- about 29 degrees and breezy at bed time and warming up to 34 degrees by morning time. Who would have thought it would be so warm in mid-December?

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