Friday Evening

I got back from my travel on Friday afternoon. Kathryn had taken a cute picture of Eric and Trevor taking a meal break from playing super hero.


We took a short walk across the road where Kathryn had spotted a couple of Trillum. We found another 10 or so plants. Somewhere in this walk I brushed up against a plant with a tick which took advantage of my short sleeve shirt and embedded himself into my bicep. I didn’t discover it until lunchtime on Saturday when we extracted the deeply embedded varmint with tweezers. In all my years of being outdoors this was the 1st tick that actually implanted.

Friday night we fed the fish and they were highly active. Eric and I decided that we should try fishing soon. For dinner we made our our pizza’s – a creative cooking process that is a lot of fun. Even Mr. Happy Face Pizza got eaten.

img_1430-1.JPG img_1431-1.JPG

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