Eric begins AYSO soccer

Eric had his 1st soccer practice and game this week.  He was dubious about attending since his buddy Trevor had already attended a practice and game and reported that the rest of the team was “all girls”.  However, he agreed to give it a try and enjoyed it.  He was especially enthused by receiving his uniform.  All teams have purple and gold jerseys so that players can be swapped around if a team is short players as well as carrying over from year to year.  Ed and Billie Jo started AYSO soccer playing on large teams, now Eric plays on a team of 3 and they don’t keep score.  Here Eric lines up with his team mates and gets some instruction from the coach.


His coach focused on having him play defense and get in front of the ball.  He got pretty good at running to a position in front of the goal, but has not yet grasped the idea of kicking the ball away from an opponent.  I am sure that will come in time. Most of the running is accompanied by arm swinging and skipping as he is having a good time as demonstrated in the movie.  100_0696.MOV

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