Garage Sale Fever

Mom sold her house, has moved to an apartment and planned on participating in the village wide garage sale held in Schoharie this past weekend.  Friday I picked up Eric after his pre-school and we drove down to help with pricing and set up.  My sister-in-law Linda has a lot of experience with these things and provided expert guidance.  Although the sale was set to begin at 9am on Saturday several shoppers were pawing though items on Friday afternoon as we were setting up.

Saturday night Mom, Eric and I went out for pizza and then Eric and I retired to sleep on the living room floor of the now vacated house – at least Eric slept.  Saturday morning shoppers started showing up before 8am.  With Mom, Linda, Carolyn, Barbara and Jeanne all minding the store Eric and I decided to shop around at other garage sales.  Eric wanted three things: Light Sabers, Swords and Power Rangers-preferably the blue one.  Although we didn’t find anyone selling their out grown Light Saber we did find one Power Ranger, the blue one in fact.  Eric also scored a Rock-em Sock-em game, GI Joe on a motorcycle, and a stuffed Buzz LightYear Teddy Bear (?!).  In addition, I found jeans for Eric and Dakota ($.25 each) and a nice 6 speed bike for Eric.  Although I was buying the bike more for next year, Eric has been riding it with some balance assistance.

My sister Barbara gave Eric an aircraft carrier with planes and used roller skates that her grand children had outgrown so he made out pretty good over the weekend.  The trauma came when he had to decide what toys he was giving away so the new ones could come into the house.

Sunday Kathryn brought Billie Jo and Dakota to Schoharie for a Muller/Tryon reunion held at Marie’s house.

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