Turning the corner

This past weekend we had three consecutive days of 40 degrees, a little sunshine,  and a little rain.  We lost a lot of snow.  We went from having a snow pack/ice driveway to bareground.  All the snow is off the deck.  The snow melted off the roof.  When I pull out of the driveway I can now see over the snow banks and view oncoming traffic.  Having said that we still have a foot of snow laying on the lawn and more in the woods.

Saturday morning Eric and I were early risers and donned our swimsuits to hang out in the hot tub where we heard Canada Geese and red wing black birds.

Saturday Eric and Kathryn went to the re-scheduled Wolverines Ski club meeting, but no other kids showed up so Kathryn and Eric skied on their own.  Saturday night we went shopping for a birthday present for a party Eric is invited to and we swung by Best Buy and bought a Nintendo DS game as a reward for Eric’s 20 consecutive ‘good night’ stickers.

Sunday Eric’s pal Janero came over to play and we ended up snowshoeing in the woods across the road.  It was Janero’s 1st time on snowshoes.  Having recently watched ManTracker we re-enacted a ManTracker scenario with the boys hiding behind trees and making an ‘overnight camp’.  Of course the game was forgotten when we reached running water and the boys could throw snowballs into the stream and watch them come tumbling downstream.

We completed our loop with only a couple of mishaps.  I stepped into a soft snow drift,  sunk in thigh deep and struggled to free my foot and snowshoe while the boys laughed at my antics.  They each lost a snowshoe and boot to deep snow as well.

Mark and Danielle had their baby girl Molly Marie Hay 7:15pm on Saturday. She weighed 8 pounds and was 19 1/2 inches and supposedly has lots of hair – although one can not tell from the pictures.



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