Foundation Work

Our new foundation wall was completed. We are also thinking about getting Earthquake Retrofitting Services to make it sturdier and more resistant to seismic activities. But for now, here is what the new north wall looks like from the inside. The plan is to install shelving units where the two lights are shown.


Here is the view from the outside. In addition to new blocks on the north wall the west wall was parged and new drainage was installed. The downspout from the gutters was run into the drainage lines.


Afterwards fill was replaced and the foundation plants were replaced.



We also had to re-plant the peonies that got dug up. We now have a 72′ row of peonies between the driveway and fence line.


Then we begin picking stone and hand raking the fill. And there is a lot of fill – this is the view from our driveway showing the new driveway leading to the location where the attached garage would sit.


The fill forms a ‘mow-able slope’ that extends across the old driveway and nearly to the honey locust tree.


Here is the view from the south.


We at about 3/4 done picking stone and raking with plans to re-seed grass this weekend.

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