Weekend Report

Friday we took the two 1st graders, Eric and Trevor, camping in our pop up to Soft Maple (near Stillwater).  They did a lot of swimming and playing in the water, despite the water not being that warm.  There were some other kids at the ‘beach’ for them to play with as well.  It started raining during the night and rained on and off continuously until noon on Saturday when we decided to pull the plug.  We had planned on staying until dinner time and then returning, but we ran out of things for the boys to do and it was a little cool-ish.  So we came home.  We got Mercer’s ice cream on our ride home (yum-Burgundy Cherry) and Trevor came to the house to play for a couple more hours, so they were OK with that.

We set the camper up under the shed, opened it up and got everything out that needed drying.  We did 3 loads of laundry and unleashed a lot of sand into the washer.

Sunday we picked stone around the house and got at least a big portion of the lawn ready for re-seeding.  We mowed some of the lawn and Kathryn mowed a portion of her trails – which are quite wet.

We dropped K’s car off for servicing and went to play volleyball, but it was more party than volleyball (slightly different group of people) so we took Eric to the local ice cream shop and called it a night.

Today K is taking Eric, Trevor and Dakota to Linda Boucheron’s camp for the day and I return to work.

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