Eric’s Jazz Concert and Car Fire

Eric’s 2nd grade class held a Spring jazz concert along with the 4th grade. They sang two songs and then combined with the 4th grade on a grande finale. The concert was well done and short.

After we got settled in from the concert we heard a car horn and saw an orange glow. Kathryn looked out the window and saw a car on fire. She called 911 while I got dressed and ran out to see if there was anyone left in the car. The flames were 12′ high when I tried to approach the car. There were mini-explosions as glass, containers and the tires exploded from the heat. The Floyd and Holland Patent fire departments arrived shortly.

Unfortunately the gas tank ruptured and the water being used by the HP truck merely spread the gas and fire into the adjoining field. Fortunately a unit arrived from Floyd with foam which doused the gasoline fire but remained for a long time afterwards. The car was a 2003 BMW with 103,000 miles being driven by a young man.

The next day the evidence of the fire and the foam still remained.

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