The Adventures of Cullen Underfoot

This past week the whole family (K, J, & Eric) were all at home.  It was VERY windy, with strong wind gusts, but no precipitation and the temperatures were moderate.  Eric and I took advantage of the reasonable weather to bring a couple loads of wood up into the garage.  Since we were out and about it was a good opportunity for Cullen Underfoot to be out in the yard and poking around.  What could go wrong? Later in the evening of that day Cullen started whining constantly and it went on continuously through the night.  We took him outside to go to the bathroom, offered him water and finally gave up and put him outside in the dog yard so that we could get some sleep. The next morning Cullen was no longer whining, but was drinking copious amounts of water. As Kathryn was filling her bird feeders, she noticed that her re-purposed orange mesh bag that had been holding large chunks of suet was missing. We think the strong winds had dislodged it. A detailed inspection of the dog yard revealed a large pile of regurgitated suet – but no mesh bag.  Since decided to put Cullen on a restricted white rice diet and kept him constantly supervised to determine if he would pass a plastic mesh bag.  By Thursday he was eating, sleeping and acting normal.  Kathryn decided he no longer had to be supervised on every outing. As she was sitting at the kitchen table, she saw Cullen race by with a recently dug up plastic mesh bag.  Since we had been watching him for the past three days he hadn’t an opportunity to recover his treasure.  As a free dog, he dug it up and was headed to exploit it.

Eric got to play basketball a little bit last night.  He took 5 shots and missed them all, but didn’t make any mistakes and recovered 5 rebounds.

Kathryn, Dakota and Billie Jo all left this Friday morning for a week in Seattle and the Pacific coast.