Eric’s 2nd soccer game

I know, this is scary, like having to watch home movies of someone’s vacation, but I promise I won’t do every game. It is just a lot of fun watching these kids learn to play an organized sport. In the beginning they don’t know how to kick the ball and gradually they get the concept. This week Eric actually kicked the ball a few times and his buddy Trevor took two shots on goal and just missed.

Below Trevor, Eric and Emily size up the opposing team as Coach Roxanne moves to officiate from the other side of the field. Emily has older brothers who play soccer and she knows what to do with the ball. Emily scored all but one of the team’s goals.

img_2714.JPG img_2719.JPG

Below Eric receives instruction on his throw-in and launches.

img_2716.JPG img_2717.JPG

Eric practices his defensive stance as the opposing Coyotes are grouped elsewhere. Both teams line up for the post game hand slap/good game ritual.

img_2721.JPG img_2725.JPG

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