Soft Maple Water Swing

This past weekend we took our pop-up camper to Soft Maple Campground.  Kathryn and Eric took the camper up on Thursday afternoon and then returned to participate in our Thursday night Sand Fleas volleyball playoffs.  Friday morning Eric played in his scramble golf party.  After golf, Kathryn loaded up the dogs, picked up Jack and they drove up to Soft Maple.  I drove up to Soft Maple on Friday night following the AYSO coaches meeting arriving about 9pm.

Saturday the boys went swimming in both the morning and afternoon.  In the afternoon they heard about a rope swing on the island just out from Soft Maple campground.  Before dinner we launched the canoe and paddled out to the rope swing where another family was enjoying the plunge.  We watched for a moment or two and then the family left and Jack/Eric had the rope swing to themselves.  Below, Eric swings out from the bank.


The following day, Sunday, the boys re-visited the rope swing and they ‘competed’ in making creative jumps called Tarzan, Old lady crossing the street, Superman with his cape on fire, Escape from a burning apartment, largest splash and highest splash.  Below Jack prepares for his jump and completes a nice ‘pencil jump’.

P1010181  P1010187

Eric makes some interesting moves.

P1010186  P1010196

P1010198  P1010178

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