September Garden

The end of our gardening season is coming.  We have had a couple nights of frost and needed to cover the garden.  Out of view of this scene are acorn squash. Shown in the foreground are yellow wax beans that I planted the yellow wax beans late as replacements for the peas (largely eaten by the dogs).

Then there is a row of brussel sprouts, broccoli and volunteer cherry tomatoes.  The brussel sprouts will continue to grow into snow season; we are trimming small broccoli heads; the cherry tomatoes were a mistake.  I should have pulled them out to keep them from spreading all over the garden.

There are three rows of tomatoes Burpee Early Girl and Roma tomatoes. Finally a row of prolific green beans.


Eric and I built a fire pit in the backyard and held a small bonfire while he and I played badminton over the clothes line.


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