4th of July Weekend

We had a rainy Friday and the local fireworks were postponed until Sunday night.  Friday I worked on diagnosing our failed internet.  The thunderstorms we had during the week knocked out a router and modem.  I managed to get replacement parts swapped in time to keep my Internet addicted wife from suffering a breakdown.  She said she needs internet access to get to recipes – otherwise we are regulated to hot dogs and Mac & Cheese.

Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous days.  Eric went to a buddy’s house to play on Saturday while Kathryn and I did a lot of yard and home projects.  Saturday I finished mowing our pasture.  Saturday night we had an old friend, Rich Roman, over for dinner and played pitch.  Saturday night our neighbor’s cows escaped their pasture and several of them visited our yard.  The dogs went nuts about 11pm and we assumed a raccoon or something similar.  I turned on all our floodlights, but never saw a cow.  Sunday AM we found that the cows had punched up the lawn pretty good along our fence line.  They ate several branches off a plum and pear tree.  Fortunately they found their way out of the yard during the night and they were returned to their own pasture in the morning.

Sunday Kathyrn/Eric/I took turns mowing our lawn.  I repaired the broken cable on our garage door.  I weeded in the garden.  We have lettuce, spinach, lots of green tomatoes and nothing to eat yet.  Sunday night we hosted Fusco’s for dinner and then went to watch the Boonville fireworks.

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