Brush Hog RIP & Eric’s Hat Trick

Saturday I finished mowing the lawn, hooked up the brush hog and began to mow the pasture.  I purchased the John Deere Model 205 Rotary Mower from Nick Clark nearly 30 years ago. It weathered multiple welding and repairs. After five circuits I heard an unfamiliar clunking and headed back to the barn to investigation.  I opened the gear box and found a broken gear and sheared teeth through out. The gear box finally broke apart and neither JD or I can find replacement parts.The Magna Fabrication with its welding services can help in such situations. We spent many hours together mowing pasture and trails during the summer months.


Sunday I attended an all-day Wilderness 1st Aid Class in Woodgate offered by the NYS Outdoor Guide’s Association. Their definition of Wilderness First Aid was any 1st aid given with expectations that medical assistance is busy (e.g. disasters) and/or at least one hour away.

I missed Eric’s soccer game where they won 4-0 and Eric scored a hat trick of 3 goals.

2015-06-07 HP Gold vs Utica03

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