Car Repair Weekend

Our weekend  was filled with basketball and car repair issues.  The 7th grade team had their 1st game on Friday after school and pulled off a stunning upset. Before long we were back home, and well, the car’s been turning into a bit of a personal project for me. So far it’s not become something I can’t fix, but I’ve been on that razor’s edge for sure. I tend to buy used vehicles to save cash and because I enjoy working on cars, so I don’t mind if they give me something to work on later on. Still, I might end up throwing the towel if I don’t find a quick solution on at least one of them. I’m glad I at least have the truck to go and get things if I need, but I honestly wish I wasn’t down two vehicles right now.

So anyways, we continue to have major car troubles with both cars stuck in the garage. I have some experience with car repair, but I’m by no means an expert. I keep finding things to work on here at home, you know. All I did was take a little break only to find the garage door has issues too, and it’s not something I’m going to be able to fix. I’m going to have to call garage door repair services for that one. I guess at the very least I get to sit that one out. Might as well try to take the good with the bad right?

With my break over, I got back to working on the cars. I’m hoping it doesn’t turn out to be something I can’t handle. The Subaru dashboard light problem may be related to the transmission (as the lights would come on when going uphill over 50MPH). The Volvo has been at Ballister’s for close to a month as we debated the parts and method for replacing the gas filler tube. It’s going to need tire repair for sure, but that’s the least of my worries because that’s going to be the easy part. You see, being a 1991 Volvo, getting parts (in this case the pipe that goes into the gas tank) and then having someone figure out how to get them in, is an issue on itself. I’m still looking, although I’m sure I’ll find someone that can get it done for me eventually. I think I’m going to look real close at how he does it, that way if it happens again I can give a try myself.

I had done HPI checks and performance tests before buying my first ride, but it seems to have some issue while on the road, I really think I have to take it to the dent repair macon ga shop. We thought we were done with that for a while after we had to fix my car after a car accident. If you have a car that got involved in an accident and you can’t use it anymore, you may want to consider selling it to a money for junk cars company. Thanks God I have checked and called them. These lawyers helped me deal with all insurance companies. That was quite a challenge.

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