Eric’s Go-Kart Crash

Friday Eric went out to dinner with a bunch of his friends.  A sort of good bye/end of summer thing.  After dinner at Destiny Mall, they decided to try the go-carts. After one lap, Eric was involved in a 4 cart crash.

They drove home to his friend’s house, at which point he called us and said he didn’t feel safe to drive home.  When we picked him up, he said he had a headache and was mildly nauseous.  We decided to go to the ER.  On a Friday night.  So they did a CT scan right away, which showed evidence of a “tiny brain bleed” but that was “questionable, and might have been due to a flaw in the picture.   So they wanted to wait a couple hours, observe him  and do another CT scan.  So they decided to admit him at 3:30AM and did the second CT scan then and it was “better.”  But because during the assessment, Eric showed evidence of minor decrease in sensation in some places, they felt he needed an MRI to assess ligament damage in his neck.  Unfortunately, we found out that St. Luke’s doesn’t do MRIs on Saturday and the neurologist would not discharge him without the MRI, even though Eric felt fine by Saturday.  We showed an abundance of caution; his nausea was minor and his headache was livable.  So we chose to go to the ER; I figured they would do their concussion protocol; CT scan, the need to observe him, second CT scan.  2 nights in the hospital, for his minor symptoms, is excessive.  It looks as if the hospital has a scheme to get patients to stay an extra night by not having a MRI available.