Canoeing for Couples Skills Assessment Quiz

Canoeing for Couples Skills Assessment Quiz by Jim & Kathryn Muller

Answer each question to the best of your abilities. More than one answer may be correct.

1. Which items are parts of a canoe?

a. Bow

b. Athwartships

c. Gunwales

d. Keel line

e. Fluke

2. The pivot point of your canoe is

a. The physical center of the canoe

b. About 2/3 from the front the paddle blade.

c. Dependent upon the canoe design

d. The center of gravity or balance point

e. Right under the middle thwart

3. Which items are parts of a paddle?

a. Grip

b. Throat

c. Chest

d. Blade

e. Arm

4. What is/are the advantage(s) of a bent shaft canoe paddle?

a. Bent shaft paddles are lighter

b. The bend counterbalances the angle in your elbow

c. It increases the amount of time the blade is vertical in the water view.

d. They are cheaper to make

e. Bent shaft paddles enhance steering ability in rough rivers.

5. The phases of a paddle stroke include correctly.

a. The catch or plant

b. The propulsion phase

c. The recovery or return correctly.

d. The groan

6. An efficient Forward Stroke should include

a. Reaching well forward

b. Torso rotation

c. A vertical paddle shaft

d. Paddling close to the boat

e. All of the above

7. What stroke is used to stop a canoe that is going forward?

a. Pry

b. Draw stroke

c. Duffek

d. Back stroke

e. An Iverson

8. The Draw Stroke moves the canoe ____________the paddle blade.

a. Away from

b. Towards

c. A&B

d. Backwards from

e. Nowhere

9. Which are basic paddling concepts?

a. Paddling on opposite sides

b. Paddling in cadence

c. Paddling exactly the same length

d. Switching sides for steering & to prevent fatigue

e. Buying your partner ice cream on the way home.

10. The bow paddler is responsible for steering the canoe since they have an un-impeded view.

True or False

Bonus questions:

 Estimate how many questions you answered correctly.

 How many questions did your partner answer correctly?