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Orlando, FL

Kathryn took Eric, Stone and Dakota to Orlando FL for their Christmas gift.  They had a fun trip, though it went fast with a lot of rushing around.  Both Stone and Dakota had been sick the week before.  Stone’s congestion was nasty sounding. They got to Orlando on Friday in time to catch the last shuttle from the hotel to Universal (11 AM).  They did most of Universal on Friday, until they got too tired with half were hungry, half not; half wanted to take the shuttle to the hotel and half wanted to walk the 1.2 miles in the dark etc. Eric’s ankle hurt the first night but it didn’t seem to bother him after that though.  However, it was a lot of fun.  They got to do the Harry Potter ride twice.  We did “Men in Black” several times.  They went on some BIG roller coasters; the Kraken and the Hulk.   We didn’t have to wait long for rides so got to do a lot.

HP Football Wins Section III Class C Football Championship

Holland Patent scored 14 unanswered in a WILD fourth quarter to win Section III Class C Football Championship. Holland Patent defeated General Brown/Immaculate Heart today 21-14 for the Section 3 Class C title. Susquehanna Valley defeated Waverly 62-7 for the Section 4 Class C Championship. SV will play Holland Patent next Saturday at High Noon at Cicero-North Syracuse High School.

Eric’s Ankle – 3 Week Checkup

Eric had a 3 week follow up appointment for his ankle surgery.  All the bandages came off and the incision looked fine.  He can begin weight-bearing exercise at PT and home.  He will still be riding the scooter between classes in school for one more month.  He can remove the boot while resting as he sees fit.  The goal is to have him riding an exercise bike and be transitioned to an ankle brace by the end of the month.

Eric’s Ankle Surgery

It was a long day.  Eric was in surgery for 3 hours and ten minutes.  Ed had two screws installed that will dissolve in 2 years.  The screws anchored stitches which secure his ligaments to his ankle bones.  The orthopedist thinks she took care of all the issues in that ankle. 3-4 weeks on crutches and 4 months of physical therapy/ rehab.

Fishing From Kayaks

Friday we went fishing at Moshier Reservoir – just off of Stillwater.  It was wicked hot (high 80s). K & I fished from a canoe.  Eric & his buddy Austin fished from borrowed kayaks.  We used worms and caught mainly small bass.  Austin caught 17, K got 15, Eric ‘only’ got 5 but one of them was this nice smallmouth bass.

The boys really enjoyed fishing from the kayaks and being able to poke around on their own terms.

Eric, Summer Basketball and the Recurring Ankle

Eric recovered from his tonsil surgery hoping to join in the HP soccer and basketball teams for the remainder of the summer.  Unfortunately, he has continued to experience issues with his right ankle.  In the past year Eric has had 5 or 6 ankle sprains to the same joint and undergone two sessions of physical therapy – not counting the fractured right foot over a year ago.  After a few weeks of inactivity he sprained it again playing basketball after successfully playing soccer on Monday night. Today we went to a physical therapy assessment and x-rays with the orthopedic surgeon; to be followed up with an MRI in the near future.

Eric’s Tonsils

Eric finished up his Freshman year with various end-of-school get-togethers, including one he had here.  On Tuesday he had his tonsils removed.   He had some minor issues, so we didn’t get discharged when we anticipated.  One issue was nausea, probably from the anesthesia and pain medication.  The other  issue was his uvula was so swollen that when he fell asleep, it would rest on the back of his tongue, dry out and get stuck which then when he woke up his gagging reflex was activated and he also felt like he couldn’t breathe.  So we stayed in hospital long enough for two doses of steroids and some anti-nausea medication.   It was a long day.  He has been feeling pretty miserable.  He is on a very strict diet, basically cool fluids and baby food (which tastes awful) but his throat hurts so much he is taking in very little beside ice water.  An occasional popsicle, which colors his scar tissue as seen below.

For a while we could coerce him into taking a few tablespoons of pediasure or pudding or yogurt or ice cream, in order to get his medication down but he says milk products cause too much phlegm, and he is not allowed to hack it up, so he has refused all milk products. He ran a little fever, which they do forewarn you about, but it is still disconcerting. So, getting up to give him his pain med every 4 hours and monitor his temperature has kept Kathryn from a good night’s sleep. And tending to him and trying to keep him hydrated has kept us housebound in the daytime. His follow-up doctor’s appointment revealed everything to be normal and he could begin eating soft foods, e.g the noodles in chicken noodle soup. Next week he should be able to live a more normal life.

King of the Mountain AAU Tournament

Eric played in what was likely his last 2018 AAU tournament with his Mohawk Valley Elite team.  They lost a close game to a much large Coast-to-Coast team, won their 2nd game by ~30 points and lost their final game to the Connecticut Titans by 30 points.  Eric played well; mainly playing good defense, passing and rebounding.  He scored 2 points in each of his games.

Our House

Eric has been taking lots of pictures to enhance his final project (and grade) for his digital photography class; flowers, ponds, streams, woodpile, etc.  He took this picture from our pasture looking at the backside of our house and garage.

Mohawk Valley Elite Spring Tournament

Eric and his Mohawk Valley Elite AAU team played four games in a one day tournament on Saturday hosted at Accelerate Sports Complex. The team started off the season with a record of 1-8 and finished the  last nine games 7-2 in tournament play. Eric played mainly as a wing.  His strength was the ability to play defense versus 3-5 and rebound.  Eric had times when he was aggressive rebounding and getting steals, but wasn’t much of an offensive threat.  This was a good bunch of kids and thanks to the coaches for all their work.