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Eric & AYSO Games: Whitesboro and Sauquoit

October 7 HP-2 played Whitesboro at Whitesboro. Spencer was out so we had a roster of 10 boys. I juggled the team’s line-up to try and start off with more scoring. Eric scored 3 goals in the opening quarter and the game was a 5-1 win. Logan, Eric, Trevor and Nicco all played turns at goalie. Logan and Trevor never had to defend a shot on goal. Eric had to defend one shot. Andrew and Jonas scored their first U10B goals!

October 12 HP-2 played a home game vs Sauquioit – re-scheduled to 5:30pm Friday evening due to a Sauguoit conflict on Sunday. We used a similar line-up and rotation with the addition of playing 8v8. HP-2 started off well; Eric scored two goals, but the team let down in the 4th quarter and Sauquoit scored 3 goals. the main problem being the lack of a defensive rotation from the weak side. Final score was 5-4.