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Christmas 2011

Christmas preparations: Jim’s wrapping. All the presents by the tree

Eric left out reindeer food and a snack for Santa.

Eric woke up early and came into our room by 5:19am.

Jim got camping items: a new water filter for the Basecamp filter, long underwear, a canoe portage pack, camp soap, a guide book, a winter jacket, an emergency radio, and a hooded sweatshirt.

Eric received a drum set, boogie book, games, nerf footballs, clothes, Wii and DS games, etc. etc. etc.

He made an ornament for the tree.

Kathyrn models her new hat and gloves.

Gee I wonder what this hammer shaped object could be?

Family dance party.


Christmas Tree 2011

We picked up our Christmas tree on Friday afternoon. We picked up Eric after school and went to the cut-your-own place on Fox Road – our 1st time there. The owner was very organized and had nice trimmed trees.

I cut and Eric steadied the tree. We loaded it on the tarp and Eric dragged it out.

Because it has been so warm the tree had no snow or ice on it and we set the tree up in the house that afternoon where it stayed over the weekend.

Sunday afternoon Boucherons and Skellys joined us for a tree trimming party.


Friday morning Jennifer and Mike came over. They gave Eric a new WII game (Donkey Kong), and stayed for a couple hours to play with him.

We had a very good time at Billie Jo’s. The kids were wild. Dakota vomited within 10 minutes of us getting there. She was quite literally green. She did not act very chipper until a hour or so later. Stone had some 24 hour bug on Wednesday. We got to meet Joel’s family and seemingly didn’t catch anything from the kids.

Then, we got NO sleep Christmas eve. Eric just could not stay in bed. He fidgeted non-stop. We were quite grumpy about it all. But Christmas morning it was all forgotten.

Jack and Chris came over for Kathryn’s ham and scalloped potatoes dinner and stayed to play games with us. We got Clue and Cranium for Christmas so we had fun breaking those in.

Kathryn made pea soup and we got the house picked up. We managed to get the upstairs bedroom painted this week and furniture moved into it as a usable guest room.