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Fishing From Kayaks

Friday we went fishing at Moshier Reservoir – just off of Stillwater.  It was wicked hot (high 80s). K & I fished from a canoe.  Eric & his buddy Austin fished from borrowed kayaks.  We used worms and caught mainly small bass.  Austin caught 17, K got 15, Eric ‘only’ got 5 but one of them was this nice smallmouth bass.

The boys really enjoyed fishing from the kayaks and being able to poke around on their own terms.

Rock Lake Fishing Derby

We planned an overnight canoe camping trip for 4; with Eric inviting his buddy Trevor.  The last minute Trevor bailed on the trip, so we unloaded one of the canoes, cut down on our food and decided to continue. The weather was perfect.

Kathryn and Eric had guided fly fishing trips while we were canoe camping. Eric won Day 1 by virtue of the shear number of Sunfish he caught. Kathryn clearly won Day 2 by catching 3 bass; a nice small mouth bass and two large mouth bass; one of which was a hefty 18″. Kathryn mistook it for being caught in the weeds at first.

We fished at night with a bright half moon, beaver swimming and splashing around us.  Eric had a strike on the lure he found at one of the campsites, but wasn’t able to catch anything.

2015-08-22 Rock Lake