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Visiting Eric

Friday we drove to Syracuse to play Seniors Volleyball and then drove onto Hamburg / Hilbert College to visit Eric. We drove to the mall to do some shopping; iron, shorts, snacks, etc. We ate dinner at Outback Steak House. Saturday morning we met for bunch and then did the 3 hour drive home. We forgot to take any pictures. Eric is doing great – likes his classes and instructors, keeping up with the work, meeting lots of people and doing social stuff, including playing a lot of volleyball. Was SO GOOD to see him. Once home we had a quick snack and then met BD and Crabby for picklebalI. Afterwards I finished mowing the lawn, dug potatoes and picked tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden.

Hilbert College Move In Day

Friday Eric and James were scheduled to move into their dorm room. They had previously coordinated joint items such as TV and refrigerator. Everything that was piled on the bed in the spare room got organized and packed away in plastic bins. Miraculously it all fit easily into the car and we made the 3 hour drive to Hilbert College. Once at Hilbert we used laundry carts to transfer everything to the second floor dorm room. Within an hour clothes, bedding and supplies were organized. Parting was tough for all parties.