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Moving the topsoil from our new parcel

We purchased ~4 acres of land from our neighbor Gary as he was selling his farm to an Amish family, Dennis.  The parcel resolved a long time problem of our septic line, garden, orchard and fence line being on property not identified in the original survey of our house.  The parcel contained a pond and a pile of topsoil piled up when the pond was dug.  Part of my agreement with Gary was that he could use the topsoil for his son’s business.  I also requested that some of the topsoil be used to make our new parcel ‘mow-able’  by covering the rocks and reducing the slope from the road.


When I talked to the operator of the loader, he wasn’t made aware of the agreement.  Like other promises by Gary (removing large maple tree trunks and smoothing out around a drainage pond) this apparently was forgotten.  I think I caught them in time and some dirt has been left remaining, but it will be up to me to make alternative arrangements for getting it spread.

Memorial Day Weekend

On my way home from work I picked up a truck load of mulch (2 cubic yards) which we spread around the landscaping early Friday morning before it got too hot.  Kathryn found an old kitchen broom and a roller and we waterproofed the south deck and two stairways.  There wasn’t enough left over to treat the north porch, but that has a roof over it anyway and we waterproofed it last summer.

I planted Kale, yellow wax beans, 13 tomato plants, peas, cucumbers, 15 eggplant, brussel sprouts, and three type of potatoes.  Saturday we picked up Eric from an overnight with his friends Andrew and Dakota.  We stopped and got flowers for Kathryn which she planted on Sunday.  I completed the garden by planting pumpkin, acorn squash, and zucchini squash.

I retrieved an 8′ telephone post from our new property and hooked up the brush hog – removing the draw bar for the 1st time ever.  I mowed trails including our two new trails, which need a little more maintenance – removing a couple of stumps from the angle trail and making a turn around on the Kincaid trail.  I took a shot at mowing most of the new property before calling it quits at noon.  In the evening we went to a picnic at Chris and Jack Skelly’s.

Monday I sprayed Round-up along the fence line, cut willows around the pond and Eric and I re-seated the steps by the pond.  The pigeon that was nesting under the lean-to appears to be trying to start a 2nd brood, so I cleaned out the next – it was pretty nasty, but fortunately dry. I got almost all of the new property mowed – cleaning up a lot of wild rose bushes.  I also mowed around Kirkland’s field trying to keep the brush from infringing on the field.