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Empire Senior Games – Track

When volleyball at the Empire Senior Games was cancelled due to COVID, Kathryn started researching other sports that she might be able to compete in. Looking at past performances she felt she could be competitive in track events. She started training for 100, 200 and 400 meter dash in addition to the 1500 meter run. She got two silvers and two golds in the Empire State Senior games. There weren’t a lot of women so some events were combined. Not only did she achieve gold medals within her age group but she placed high across all age competitors in multiple events.

Tripp’s First Bath

Tripp has been itchy and shedding in a new coat. Eric volunteered to give him a bath. Tripp isn’t a brave dog but he is accepting and you can build his confidence up to tolerate new and challenging places. He was coy, but ended up willing to enter the shower stall and receive his first bath.

Packing Up For Crown Point

Kathryn spent 3 days in Rochester attending a conference to gain continuing education credits.  Eric finished out his spring AAU season with Mohawk Valley Elite.  His tournament experience consisted of mostly losses with the recent exception of a sudden death win over Tri-Valley Players.  Eric started doing face offs during lacrosse games.

Kathryn packed the pop-up camper for a 4 day trip to band birds at Crown Point. She couldn’t find the registration for her car.  So we transitioned all her stuff to the truck, then she discovered she could get a temporary registration certificate, so we re-packed everything over to the Subaru and re-hooked up the pop-up.


Daniel Barden Mudfest

After a fun and successful 2016 Daniel Barden Mudfest Kathryn and Wendy pre-registered to get deeply discounted tickets.  Kathryn was counting on Eric and Stone to repeat the run with her.  However, Stone opted out and Eric opted to play basketball on his AAU team.  Kathryn was stuck with two tickets and fortunately Tanya and Stephanie were willing to give it a try.  Despite damp conditions and cool temperatures there was a record number of participants.  The ladies had a lot of fun and made Stephanie and Tanya converts to mud/obstacle courses.

Crown Point Bird Banding

2016-05-18 Crown Point Bird Banding

Kathryn took the pop up camper up to Port Henry and volunteered at the Crown Point Bird Banding Station for a few days.  She said “I’ve been pecked and clawed and pooped on. I saw up close and personal birds I’m familiar with, birds I’ve never seen before and even one I had never heard of. I’ve “picked,” banded, measured, and determined sex and age. The birds were amazing. The people were helpful and patient, interesting and easy to be with. I learned a lot and had a blast at Crown Point Bird Banding station.”

Adirondack Avian Expedition

2016-05-10 Adirondack Avian Adventures

For Christmas I got Kathryn a gift certificate for her and a friend to go birding in the Adirondacks with Joan Collins at Adirondack Avian Expeditions.  Joan Collins is a New York State licensed bird guide, bird walk leader, writer, and speaker on ornithology topics. She has led walks and made presentations for many organizations including Audubon, the Adirondack Mountain Club, and the New York State Ornithological Association. Joan also belongs to the ranks of the intrepid Adirondack 46ers (having climbed all 46 peaks in the Adirondacks over 4,000 feet). Joan is a serious ear-birder and is fascinated by bird vocalizations/sounds.  Bird behavior, migration, and the history of North American Ornithology are among the many topics that interest Joan. She enjoys bushwhacking and camping in the Adirondack wilderness year-round.

Kathryn had a wonderful day birding with long-time friend Jane Moon, guided by Joan Collins of Adirondack Avian Expeditions although Kathryn was still sick with a stomach bug. She and Jane stayed at the Adirondack Hotel in Long Lake….old and quaint. The heat was off (old steam radiators) so Jane asked them to turn it on. Kathryn was messing around with the kindle and heard the radiators – really loud! – and thought “That noise will be hard to sleep through!” A few minutes later the windows look fogged so she got up….steam billowing out of the bathroom. Went downstairs to tell the clerk (fortunately it happened at 9:03 because they all leave at 930) and by the time we got back to the room, steam clouds are flowing into the hall. Apparently there was something wrong with the steam radiators! But she had a nice steam bath for a few minutes. Got moved but didn’t sleep well (had eaten a small supper but was still sick so had cramps all night).

The group got an early start Tuesday but it was darn cold and she got a bit hypothermic. It warmed up by 10:30 and was much more comfortable although the black flies came out but they weren’t really biting. She saw a lot of birds – 62 species by visiting locations in Newcomb, Minerva, Long Lake, and Tupper Lake . While the goal seemed to have been seeing as many black backed woodpeckers, grey jays and boreal chickadees as possible, we also saw a broad winged hawk feeding his mate, eagle, sand hill crane, kinglets, evening grosbeaks, a zillion warblers including pine, palm, nashville, yellow rumped, yellow, blackburnian, and of course all the usual back yard birds.

Daniel Barden Mudfest 2016

Kathryn once again organized a team for the 4th Annual Daniel Barden Mudfest including Eric, Stone and 4 friends: Hannah, Oliva, Mackenzie and Jessica.  This year was the 4th annual Mudfest.  In 2013 Eric and Trevor ran the kids course and Kathryn ran with Beth.  In 2014 it was cold and rainy; Eric did not compete but Kathryn was joined by Beth and Skip.  In 2015 Kathryn was joined by Eric and Stone.

2016-04-30 Daniel Barden

Kathryn’s Run

Kathryn has been running a couple of miles most days.  Her path takes her through our woods, along our meadow and up a long hill through our neighbor’s pastures and then back again.  She often sees wildlife, but more often sees their tracks or scat or spots them as they leave her field of view.  She composed this during her run this weekend.

I don’t look up when I run
Though I try, I look down.
A tripping branch or wet leaf
Pulls my eyes to the ground.

So when I intrude and
the hawk screams at me,
I see him flying away –
Not perched in his tree.