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Tripp in The Tub

We set up a 50 gallon watering tub under the eaves on our deck to catch water dripping off the roof. Cullen readily jumps into the tub after a walk that has left his paws somewhat dirty. Now Tripp has been trained to do the same. After the ‘wash’ the dogs can drip dry on the deck or in the mud room before coming into the house. It helps reduce the amount of dirt and silt tracked into the house.

Tripp’s First Bath

Tripp has been itchy and shedding in a new coat. Eric volunteered to give him a bath. Tripp isn’t a brave dog but he is accepting and you can build his confidence up to tolerate new and challenging places. He was coy, but ended up willing to enter the shower stall and receive his first bath.

A Girl and Her Growing Dog.

Tripp is now 20 weeks old and weighs 55 lbs. He was around 20 lbs when we picked him up the 1st week of August.

Kathryn has been keeping the dogs company in the back yard. She typically gets up at 0530 and watches the sun rise; other times she reads and the dogs hang out in the yard.

Baby Sitting the Puppy

A considerable amount of time this week has been devoted to watch-dogging the puppy – now named Tripp. He knows his name, will come when called and is learning NO. He is not yet housebroken so we spend as much time as possible outside. Cullen has been great with him with only a few retaliatory actions.