Our website has been in existence since the late 1990s when Mark discovered the availability of the domain name and volunteered to log our trips using a free service.  In 2005 we upgraded to a paid service with a WordPress platform and expanded the amount of material on the site.  At its peak in 2013 the website was receiving 1,500 visitors per day.  The website contained

  • A Beginners Guide to Winter Camping
  • A Winter Camping Blog
  • Numerous Gear Reviews
  • Winter Camping Videos
  • Winter Camping Tips
  • Winter Camping Recipes
  • Winter Camping Trips and Photos from roughly 50 trips
  • The Entertaining Side of Winter Camping (without experiencing cold fingers)
    • A tongue in cheek Winter Camping Application
    • Compelling Reasons to Go Winter Camping
    • Face-Saving Ways to Buy Resting Time When Snowshoeing With Someone Who Is More Fit Than You
    • Murphy’s Law Applied to Winter Camping
    • The Top Ten List Reasons to Go Winter Camping
    • Winter Camping Gang Signs
    • Winter Camping Quotes
    • Winter Camping Poems
    • Winter and Wilderness Survival Quizzes
    • You might be a winter camper if….

But things have changed; with aging, new social networks and new family events the group isn’t winter camping and I am lacking the time and energy to keep the website viable.  I removed all content and cancel the automatic renewal of the domain.  As part of this process I have captured many aspects of the web site and published them as a book.

Winter camping is an activity with inherent risks.  The material presented within is intended to be a general guide, not a substitute for experience and training. The author of this material does not take responsibility for the use of any of the materials or methods described. In following any of the procedures discussed within, you do so at your own risk.