About Jim Muller

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Professional: I have a bachelors degree in Geography (1975) from State University of  NY, Oneonta, NY and a Masters Degree in Planning (1979) from University of Washington, Seattle, WA. I worked for New York State Wetlands Inventory, Schoharie County Land Use Planning Department, Oregon’s Lane Council of Governments, North Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Community Development, and Synectics Corporation.  I am currently a Senior Program Manager with Northrop Grumman.

Personal Interests

Outdoor Activities. In high school I was introduced to canoeing and canoe racing, spelunking, rock climbing and winter camping through an informal outing club.  I have received certifications as a:

  • Leave No Trace trainer (Green Mtn Club, Sept 2001) and Master Educator (ADK, Sept 2006)
  • American Canoe Association Certified Paddling and Basic River Instructor for kayaks, solo and tandem canoes (ACA June, 2002)
  • Wilderness First Aid (December 2003 and June 2015)
  • Adirondack Forty-Sixers Outdoor Skills certification (May 2012)
  • Basic Map and Compass Skills covering the fundamentals of map reading, identification of terrain features, compass use and triangulation (March 2012)

I have taken several long distance or back country canoeing trips which are listed at http://www.jimmuller.com/canoe-trips/.  I completed the Adirondack Canoe Classic – a ninety mile canoe race from Old Forge to Saranac Lake.

Winter Camping. I have been avidly winter camping since 1995 with an affiliation of friends and relatives known as www.wintercampers.com. I am an experienced winter camper.  I have written a 150 page book “Guide to Winter Camping”. Samples existing on my website www.WinterCampers.com, a not for profit website on winter camping. I have had two articles published in the New York State (NYS) Department of Environment Conservation (DEC) Conservationist Magazine.

The Utica, NY Observer Dispatch newspaper published two articles:

I have provide guest posts on websites

I had two articles published as part of the Blackhawk Area Council Boy Scout Okpik Training Newsletter as part of their Okpik Cold Weather Camping Training for Troop Leaders, Senior Scouts, Venturers, and Troop Trainers; “You might be a winter camper if….” and “How do you define winter camping”.

I taught a course on “Sleeping Warm” to OKPIK-GAWASA- Cold Weather Camping Training for Boy Scout leaders with basic scouting skills and mild weather camping experience (January 2013).

Sports. From my teenage years through my early 40’s I was an avid basketball player. In my 40s I started playing competitive volleyball; learning as Billie Jo played volleyball in HS. I continue to play volleyball.  I competed as part of a volleyball team in the 2013 Empire State Senior games and won a bronze medal in the 60-65 age group.

Horses. Until age 13 I grew up on a dairy farm and had two ponies (Nip & Tuck) – but no bicycle. At 13 I sold the ponies and bought a horse (“Duke”) for trail riding and to participate in county 4H shows at the Cobleskill Fair. In HS other interests gained precedence and when I graduated HS I sold Duke and bought a canoe. In 1986 I re-engaged and bought an American Quarter Horse Association mare (“Lovable Luxury”) that started the run of several AQHA horses: Truly Luxury, Candy Bar Luxury, Silver Barbara, Master The Glory, Centeno Bars, and Hierelectricity; that we used for trail riding and showing at local shows, AQHA shows, and the NYS Fair. Kathryn and I did most of the trail riding while Billie Jo and I did most of the showing. My equine honors include:

  • NYS Horse Council Western Pleasure Qualifier 1992 (3rd), 1995 (1st), 1996 (3rd) & 1998
  • Oneida County Senior Western Champion 1996
  • Herkimer County Western Champion 1996 & 1997
  • Barneveld Horsemans Association Senior Western Championships 1993 Reserve, 1998 Champion

I served in Barneveld Horseman’s Association roles as Publicity, Park Planning, Vice President and President. I was on the Empire Horse Park Board of Directors 1998-1999.