Twisted Ankles

Eric Fall Accelerate League ended with his team being in the 2nd seed.  They beat the RFA team on the final game of the season and ended up playing vs Frankfort in the finals and winning.  Eric with him suffered a sprained ankle in the last regular season game.  On the opening play he got an offensive rebound and came down wrong twisting his ankle.  He put the shot back in, but his pain was evident three strides down court.  We ended up taking Eric to the emergency ward of St Lukes.  Xrays were clean and he was given an air cast and permission to skip gym, use crutches and the elevator.  A followup with his doctor got him a schedule with PT.

Eric kept clock at the playoff games.


Bushey, Jaden, Ty, Bryce, Ian, Eric, Kyle and Matt posed after their championship win.


HPMS Boy’s Soccer Season Summary

Holland Patent Boys Modified Soccer concluded a successful 10-1 season with a 4-0 win over Poland. Goals by Jack, Thomas (2) and Eric.  After the game the boys celebrated with donuts and cider and general revelry.



HP Boys Modified Soccer @ Remsen

Down 2-0 at the half, the HP Boys Modified Soccer scored four goals for a comeback win over Remsen 4-2. Goals were scored by Jack, Josh, Carter and Colby. The team record is 9-1 with the last game of the season at home vs Poland this Wednesday.


Middleburg Zombie Run

3rd-annual-zombie-run-logoKathryn took Eric, Ethan and Stone to the 3rd Annual Zombie Run in Middleburg.  Each member of the team has a football flag belt with two belts.  At least ONE person on your team MUST pass the finish line with at least ONE flag.  Your entire team finishes when your last runner crosses the line.  Stone died, Kathryn cheated but lived, Ethan survived by astounding the zombies with his back flips (8x) and Eric survived by hopping over a fence.  After the run the boys ate deep fried twinkles and Oreo’s before a dinner at Subway and returning home.


HP Boys Modified Soccer

Oct 13 HP won a close game 1-0 vs Remsen pushing their record to 8-1.

October 11 Eric scored two goals in a 7-3 win over Canastota.

October 7 HP Boys Modified Soccer team lost a close game to Clinton 2-1 with the HP score coming on a penalty kick by Eric.


October 4 HP Boys Modified Soccer celebrate after a close 1-0 win over Sherburne-Earlville extending their record to 6-0. A tip-in goal by JD off a nice crossing pass by Colby.

p1040387 2016-10-04-hpms-vs-sherburne

September 30 HP Boys Modified Soccer team extended their record to 5-0 with a 10-6 win over Adirondack with a hat trick by Ethan and two goals each by Josh, Jack, Eric and one by Colby.


September 28 HP Boys Modified Soccer team beat Sauquoit 3-2. Sauquoit has a beautiful varsity-sized turf field that played fast.


Moving the topsoil from our new parcel

We purchased ~4 acres of land from our neighbor Gary as he was selling his farm to an Amish family, Dennis.  The parcel resolved a long time problem of our septic line, garden, orchard and fence line being on property not identified in the original survey of our house.  The parcel contained a pond and a pile of topsoil piled up when the pond was dug.  Part of my agreement with Gary was that he could use the topsoil for his son’s business.  I also requested that some of the topsoil be used to make our new parcel ‘mow-able’  by covering the rocks and reducing the slope from the road.


When I talked to the operator of the loader, he wasn’t made aware of the agreement.  Like other promises by Gary (removing large maple tree trunks and smoothing out around a drainage pond) this apparently was forgotten.  I think I caught them in time and some dirt has been left remaining, but it will be up to me to make alternative arrangements for getting it spread.

HP Modified Soccer vs Remsen

In back to back games HP Boys Modified Soccer beat a good Remsen team 2-1.  Remsen doesn’t have a JV team and the Remsen Modified Boys Team had 7th – 10th graders playing.  HP had way more shots on goal, but Remsen had an excellent goal keeper.  Goals were scored by Ethan and Eric off a corner kick that the goalie tipped in.  Below the team celebrates after their win.


HP Modified Soccer @ Herkimer

HPMS opened up their season with a 10-2 win over Herkimer.  Herkimer scored on penalty kick in the box and one other goal.  HP had 10 different boys score goals and the B team got a lot of playing time. Below Eric, Thomas, William Jonathon and Jack.


Stratford Festival

Once again we joined our friends Jim and Pam to attend the Stratford Festival. We drove up on Friday (5 hour drive) and attended an evening performance of Moliere’s The Hypochondriac.

Trish Lindtröm as Beline and Stephen Ouimette as Argan/Molière in The Hypochondriac. Photography by David Hou.

On Saturday we went shopping in the morning; including the local Goodwill Store.  We saw a matinee performance of A Chorus Line.

Members of the company in A Chorus Line. Photography by David Hou.

And in the evening we saw a performance of Shakespeare in Love.


There are three theaters.

  1. Drawing inspiration from the Elizabethan apron stage, the ancient Greek amphitheatres and the Roman arenas, the thrust stage designed by Tanya Moiseiwitsch in 1953 revolutionized the performance of Shakespeare. It comprises a protruding platform, a balcony (now removable), trap-doors, nine acting levels and eight major entrances.Seating surrounds the stage in a semi-circular arc, while two vomitoria, or “voms,” run diagonally from the stage into tunnels under the auditorium. The theatre seats well over 1,800 people, yet no spectator is more than 65 feet from the stage.
  2. In 1971, we began leasing premises by the Avon River in Stratford. In 1982, with a new stage designed by Desmond Heeley and seating for 410 people. In 1991 the venue’s name was changed from the Third Stage to the Tom Patterson Theatre.
  3. In 2002, we added a fourth venue: the Studio Theatre. Created in what had been the Avon Theatre’s scene shop , the Studio contains a smaller, modified version of the Festival Theatre’s thrust stage, with a pillared balcony and seating for 260 patrons.

We drove home Sunday morning

Labor Day Weekend at Massawepie

Kathryn, Eric, Matt and I took advantage of the Massawepie Scout camp being open over Labor Day weekend.  We camped Friday – Sunday and had perfect weather; caught several large bass, went swimming, explored adjoining ponds and the Massawepie Mire.  We found a GeoCache which we opened to inspect the contents – mainly toys and knick knacks.


Because there was no portage and we had three canoes we were able to pack a lot of amenities; drinks, food and chairs for our comfort. We went fishing at dusk and Eric had great success catching large mouth bass in the weeds using a white tube bait.

Matt and I portaged into Boot Tree Pond and then hiked to see the Massawepie Mire – the largest in eastern US.

2016-09-04 Massawepie Lake1


I am not sure how it could have been better.  Re-entry into regular day life was rough for a day or so.


No caterwauling owls nor loons wailing through the night.
No chattering red squirrels dropping cones from pine tree heights.

No fog lifting slowly burning off in morning’s light.
No canoes along the shoreline glistening golden bright.

No canoeing adjoining ponds shaped like a Boot Tree
Returning to our camp in time for shared High Tea.

These things once were; and in our mind they will be
Until we return again to Massawepie.