Ice Storm Damage

We had an ice storm on Wednesday that knocked out our power and that of 11,193 others in Oneida County.  Power went out around 11pm and was restored a little before noon.  Lots of broken limbs.  Our ski trails require maintenance.

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

Kathryn took Eric and the three grand-kids to the Wolf Lodge water park at Niagara Falls.

The kids enjoyed their suite, manicures, arcade and, of course, lots of water slides.


Eric’s 14th Birthday

Eric turned 14 on Saturday January 7th.  Eric and I went to an SU game vs Pittsburgh.  SU basketball has been a roller coaster this early season, with proclamations by Coach Boeheim of the talent and depth of the team; early blowouts vs non-conference foes and losses against good teams (South Carolina and Wisconsin) and huge losses against St Johns and Boston College.  Boeheim changed rotations frequently and settled on a Gillon, White, Battle, Lydon and Roberson for  win vs Miami.  Pittsburgh was successful vs the 2-3 zone in the past but had a new head coach and new personnel.  So against this backdrop Eric and I were hoping for a good game.

The 1st half was a blow-out with SU taking a 20-8 initial lead which they stretched to 42-21 at the half.  They slowed down the game mid-way through the 2nd half and Pittsburgh made a little run, but SU won 77-66.

Eric and I had a good trip, talking sports and basketball on the car ride to/from.  The walk up the hill was a little chilly (19 degrees) and it made Eric wish he had brought a jacket to go over his sweatshirt…. but live and learn, eh?

Snowshoeing the Ski Trail

We finally got a couple of snowfalls – enough to provide a base for our XC ski trails.  Skip and I managed to snowshoe to the top of Kirkland’s field (1 hour up and 30 minutes down trail) , followed by another day completing half the lollipop loop.  On 26 December the dogs and I completed the loop by going counter clockwise past “Appliance Alley” to the teepee / halfway mark on the loop.  Despite warming temperatures and rain the trail mostly held together; enough for Skip, Beth, Kathryn and I to snowshoe the whole circuit on Wednesday.  On Thursday and Friday we received 21 ” of snow.

New Year’s Day Kathryn and I began to re-establish the filled in trail.  For the most part I was able to discern where our previous trail was, but it was faint and it felt like breaking trail all over again.  It took us about an hour to get just inside the woods to the intersection of the trail to Appliance Alley.  From there Kathryn skied back to the house.  It took me 30 minutes to snowshoe back down the hill on the broken trail. We will probably to extend the loop in the coming week similar to the way we did last week.  Hopefully the rain in the forecast won’t be too hard.

Christmas 2016

Friday we picked up the grand-kids for a sleep-over at our house.

We returned them on Christmas Eve day, before Eric, Kathryn and I went to church services.  On the way home Eric negotiated for an early gift opening so at 6:15 he came down the hall playing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  We went through our gift exchange: a ski pass pack, basketball and gear, clothing and an electronics battery pack charger for Eric, sport umbrella, wool socks, roomba for Kathryn.

Twisted Ankles

Eric Fall Accelerate League ended with his team being in the 2nd seed.  They beat the RFA team on the final game of the season and ended up playing vs Frankfort in the finals and winning.  Eric with him suffered a sprained ankle in the last regular season game.  On the opening play he got an offensive rebound and came down wrong twisting his ankle.  He put the shot back in, but his pain was evident three strides down court.  We ended up taking Eric to the emergency ward of St Lukes.  Xrays were clean and he was given an air cast and permission to skip gym, use crutches and the elevator.  A followup with his doctor got him a schedule with PT.

Eric kept clock at the playoff games.


Bushey, Jaden, Ty, Bryce, Ian, Eric, Kyle and Matt posed after their championship win.


HPMS Boy’s Soccer Season Summary

Holland Patent Boys Modified Soccer concluded a successful 10-1 season with a 4-0 win over Poland. Goals by Jack, Thomas (2) and Eric.  After the game the boys celebrated with donuts and cider and general revelry.



HP Boys Modified Soccer @ Remsen

Down 2-0 at the half, the HP Boys Modified Soccer scored four goals for a comeback win over Remsen 4-2. Goals were scored by Jack, Josh, Carter and Colby. The team record is 9-1 with the last game of the season at home vs Poland this Wednesday.


Middleburg Zombie Run

3rd-annual-zombie-run-logoKathryn took Eric, Ethan and Stone to the 3rd Annual Zombie Run in Middleburg.  Each member of the team has a football flag belt with two belts.  At least ONE person on your team MUST pass the finish line with at least ONE flag.  Your entire team finishes when your last runner crosses the line.  Stone died, Kathryn cheated but lived, Ethan survived by astounding the zombies with his back flips (8x) and Eric survived by hopping over a fence.  After the run the boys ate deep fried twinkles and Oreo’s before a dinner at Subway and returning home.


HP Boys Modified Soccer

Oct 13 HP won a close game 1-0 vs Remsen pushing their record to 8-1.

October 11 Eric scored two goals in a 7-3 win over Canastota.

October 7 HP Boys Modified Soccer team lost a close game to Clinton 2-1 with the HP score coming on a penalty kick by Eric.


October 4 HP Boys Modified Soccer celebrate after a close 1-0 win over Sherburne-Earlville extending their record to 6-0. A tip-in goal by JD off a nice crossing pass by Colby.

p1040387 2016-10-04-hpms-vs-sherburne

September 30 HP Boys Modified Soccer team extended their record to 5-0 with a 10-6 win over Adirondack with a hat trick by Ethan and two goals each by Josh, Jack, Eric and one by Colby.


September 28 HP Boys Modified Soccer team beat Sauquoit 3-2. Sauquoit has a beautiful varsity-sized turf field that played fast.