Accelerate Basketball Team

The boys had a silly picture taken after practice.

Accelerate Basketball Team

Niagara Falls, Water Park, Butterfly Museum

Kathryn took Bella to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls where they played in the water park, visited the falls, and toured the Butterfly museum.   They stayed at a hotel with a package that got them into the Fallsview Waterpark.  It was about a block away  but it was a great deal. They got about 2 1/2 hrs in on Friday night and another 2 1/2 on Saturday. It was a great indoor waterpark; the slides were big enough for us. We counted 8 slides, plus a kids’ section plus tidal wave pool plus outdoor pool. After lunch they went to the butterfly conservatory. They got to walk along the promenade to see the Falls, which Bella hadn’t seen before.  Oh and the black squirrels too :)

2015-11-15 Niagara Falls

Eric Fall Progress

We received copies of Eric’s school picture.  He wore his t-shirt and took a collared shirt for the picture.

Eric Muller 2015 7th Grade Picture

We received Eric’s progress report.  After weeks of independence on handling his homework, we were relieved to see his good graves.

Eric Muller Progress Report 2015-10-15

Modified soccer season came to a close.  The modified team had 16 players, 12 from the 7th grade and 4 8th graders.  Eric primarily played Striker.  The team struggled as many of their games pitted 7th graders versus teams with 7 – 9th graders as their opponents schools had no JV teams, therefore the 9th graders that didn’t make the varsity played on the modified team.  Despite the size difference HP won 3 games and were competitive in all but one game.  Scoring was an issue.

Eric Muller Modified Soccer Certificate

Halloween Weekend 2015

Friday we picked Eric up from school and went to see The Martian movie.  We told Eric that as soon as he finished the book we would take him to the movie.  On the way home we stopped off at Dick’s and bought new basketball sneakers.  On Saturday Kathryn, Eric, Stone and Trevor went to a Zombie Run in Mohawk and were the only participants.


Eric was invited to a Halloween Party hosted by Olivia and Amber and went trick or treating in Barneveld with others from the party.

On Sunday we moved our deck furniture to the barn for storage.  Sunday evening he got to attend Shane’s birthday party.


Blueberry Weekend

Many, many years ago I asked Dad if he could make a replacement handle for one of my slip scoops.  He might have even still been living at Route 30.  I know the last time I used the slip scoop Ed was living with us and he drove our little Ford tractor and I manned the slip scoop. At the time Dad was fading and the handle he made was very ‘roughed in’.  When Dad gave it to me you mentioned you had some tools that we could use to shape it more like the other handle.  This past week I finally shaped the handle, got new bolts for fastening the handles, wire brushed the scoop and painted it with old motor oil.  Of course, I have 3 slip scoops and I am not sure when I will use it, but it is the only scoop I have that drags and doesn’t attach to 3 point hitch.


Eric and I raked a truckload of pine needles from Elements of Style parking lot and mulched our blue berry bushes today.


I cleaned up the garden and hoed everything in preparation for Rick’s Leaves.


(With apologies to Denny, John, Michelle and Mama Cass.)

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray,
The leaves begun to fall and they won’t blow away
They fall and stay in my neighbor’s yard,
Getting rid of leaves, is a task that’s hard.
They say that winter’s coming, and it’s on its way
Kincaids don’t like the cold, you know they go away.
But leaves are left behind, you know they’re going to stay
Garden and the pasture – that’s where they’ll decay
You can use my truck, or your own John Deere
Dump six on the garden and the rest real near.
In between the trees they will make good mulch.
Just drive careful, don’t get stuck in the gulch.
All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray,
The leaves begun to fall and they won’t blow away
They fall and stay in my neighbor’s yard,
Getting rid of leaves, is a task that’s hard


5+ cord of word for the 2016-17 heating season.


ADK Extreme Ropes Course

Kathryn took Bonnie, Eric, Trevor and Stone to ADK Extreme Ropes Course on Columbus Day.  The weather was perfect, the course wasn’t crowded and they had a great time.

2015-10-12 ADK Extreme Rope Course

Pumpkin Patch Mud Run

Kathryn, Eric and Stone ran in the 5k Pumpkin Patch Mud Run. Notice Stone’s white shorts (not to be white ever again).


On the take off Eric and Stone ran to an early lead up the slight hill.

Take off

While the runners were out on the course Dakota and I hung out and tried to get out of the wind and stay warm.  We checked out the pumpkin dolls, sat in the witch’s mouth, ate cider donuts, looked at the animals, and Dakota tried out the hay bale maze.

Hanging with Dakota

While we were moseying towards the cargo net we saw Eric and Stone approaching.

Cargo net 1

About 10 minutes behind Kathryn approached the cargo net.

Cargo net 2

After the cargo net Kathryn shed her sweatshirt and plunged into the cold water pool at the finish line.

Water Slide

After a 30 minute break, Stone, Eric, Kathryn and Dakota ran the shorter 2K.

Family Run

Everyone was cold and quickly changed into dry clothes.  We went to Jeanne’s for hot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.




Last September Weekend

We couldn’t have asked for better weather this weekend. Eric’s soccer game Friday was versus Frankfort – a team that they lost to on Monday.  This time they won 2-1 and controlled the game flow.  Afterwards Eric went to the middle school dance while we played pitch with friends Steve/Linda and Bonnie/Cindy. Saturday I completed my defensive driving class.  Every three years for the insurance discount.  But it was a crime to sit inside on such a nice day. Kathryn canned pears and made applesauce for the winter.  We cut another cord of firewood for next year as we opened up our trail in back of Kincaids so that my tractor and brush hog will fit through.  I climbed up on our roof and cleaned our wood stove chimney.  Our chimney was quite clean. Eric has soccer games on Monday and Tuesday.  Kathryn and I watched the full lunar eclipse before crashing for the night.

2015-09-27 Lunar Eclipse

HPMS vs Canastota

In their 2nd game in a row HP Modified Soccer team faced a big (20 player) and experienced Remsen team. Once again playing against a team comprised of 7-9th graders, HPMS was challenged to control the ball.  The team didn’t space as well as their opening game, seemed flat to start and did a lot of kicking versus passing of the ball.  Remsen was not only big, but also as fast as HPMS.  They lost 4-1 but played better the last 10 minutes of the game.

Wednesday night HPMS traveled to Canastota (another 7-9th grade team).  Canastota had 14 players with a couple of good players, but also some holes; they were not able to match HPMS’s speed across all positions.  HPMS won 5-2 with goals by Luke, Eric and Jack;  in all 7 players took shots on goal.  Below HPMS listens to Coach Parson’s prior to the game.


HP Middle School vs Frankfort

HPMS had their 1st soccer game versus Frankfort Schuyler and lost 4-1.  Frankfort doesn’t have a JV team so their modified team had several ninth graders on their team.  Eric played primarily as forward and scored one goal.

2015-09-21 HPMS vs Frankfort