2017 HP 8th Grade Basketball Season

Eric and his teammates had an undefeated season playing 9 games vs Remsen, Old Forge, ADK, West Canada Valley and Little Falls.  Eric was on the starting unit primarily playing as a 2 guard.  The team followed a A / B format meaning the starting unit usually played quarters 1 & 3 and the 2nd unit played quarters 2 & 4.

The team won most of their games by wide margins.  The opposing schools had very few players that were playing club or AAU basketball to improve their skills.

Sightings of Spring

Every year about this time my slightly southern relatives start announcing their sightings of spring.  This afternoon I saw the King of Spring.

I hear that you’ve seen Robins and black birds with red wings.
And I don’t deny that you have seen all those things.
To get a glimpse of spring from one of these sightings,
Makes your heart jump, feel joy, they are quite exciting.
So I don’t mean to diminish or throw shade
But I have a topper from the sighting I made.
I am sure you’ll agree this is the best and affirm
Because today I spotted a little fish worm.

Skiing at McCauley Mtn

Wednesday Kathryn had to work and I took the day off to take Eric and Trevor skiing at McCauley Mtn.  We left the house at 10:30 and arrived about an hour later.  We had to wait a few minutes before they would sell their half day ski pass;  12 noon – 4:15 for $20; so we staked a table in the lodge, Trevor rented a helmet and the boys geared up with boots, etc.

It was a perfect day.  McCauley wasn’t crowded so there was no waiting for the ski lift.  The boys met up with a friend, Jack, and were intrigued by all the new ski trails to explore.  They came into the lodge at 2pm for food and drinks and then returned to repeat runs over the rest of the ski center.   McCauley has a base elevation of 1567 ft and rises up 633 feet to a summit elevation of 2200.  There are 21 trails and 5 lifts (chair, t-bar, rope tow).  Other than one double black diamond run (Helmer) they did every trail 2 or 3 times.

You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Us Kincaid

With all the new snow Kathryn and I have been snowshoeing and XC skiing quite a bit.  Usually I snowshoe our trails and Kathryn does a combination of snowshoeing / XC skiing depending on how deep the snow is and the condition of the trails.  We have a nice ~3 mile loop that we have been using this year. This past weekend I snowshoed the loop alone, no dogs for company, just me and the quiet of the woods….. Too quiet.  I ended up with an earworm song playing in my head as I snowshoed.  Unfortunately I have no control over the earworm songs that play in my head and, unfortunately, this one was Kenny Rogers song “You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me Lucille”.   What does one do with an earworm song repeatedly recycling through their brain?  Why they inflect more pain on it.  So with apologies to Kenny Rogers…..

In a condo down in Cancun
Rick and Danny are renting a room.
Far away from this winter’s embrace.

They each spend all of their days
On the beach in the warm rays
Drinking Mai-tais and napping ‘til noon.

They could have stayed home
But to the south they did roam
Leaving us to weather the storms.

It hasn’t been easy
As you soon will see
Left here in the dark and gloom.

You picked a fine time to leave us Kincaid.
There’s been some ice storms,
and there’s been the snow storms,
and look at the mess that they made.
You picked a fine time to leave us Kincaid.

Maintaining our trails

It has been hard to keep our XC ski trails in good condition as our weather has fluctuated among cold weather, rain, ice storms and lake effect snowfalls.  Lots of places are still wet and require some maneuvering around wet spots.  We had to move or cut some downed branches.  I built a small leaning rail at the junction of the loop where Kathryn sometimes changes from snowshoes to skies to glide back home.

HP 8th Grade Basketball vs Remsen

It has been a rough week for the HP Middle School. Eric’s 1st 8th grade basketball game, scheduled for last weekend, was canceled by Little Falls due to threat of snow or missing school bus or something. This Thursday he had a 2 hour delay, but managed to play their 1st game vs Remsen and won easily. Eric had 6 points, 4 assists, 1 steal, and 1 rebound in 14 minutes of play.

Friday there was a bomb threat and Adirondack Schools canceled all after school activities due to lake effect snow, so again, no basketball game.

Ice Storm Damage

We had an ice storm on Wednesday that knocked out our power and that of 11,193 others in Oneida County.  Power went out around 11pm and was restored a little before noon.  Lots of broken limbs.  Our ski trails require maintenance.

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

Kathryn took Eric and the three grand-kids to the Wolf Lodge water park at Niagara Falls.

The kids enjoyed their suite, manicures, arcade and, of course, lots of water slides.


Eric’s 14th Birthday

Eric turned 14 on Saturday January 7th.  Eric and I went to an SU game vs Pittsburgh.  SU basketball has been a roller coaster this early season, with proclamations by Coach Boeheim of the talent and depth of the team; early blowouts vs non-conference foes and losses against good teams (South Carolina and Wisconsin) and huge losses against St Johns and Boston College.  Boeheim changed rotations frequently and settled on a Gillon, White, Battle, Lydon and Roberson for  win vs Miami.  Pittsburgh was successful vs the 2-3 zone in the past but had a new head coach and new personnel.  So against this backdrop Eric and I were hoping for a good game.

The 1st half was a blow-out with SU taking a 20-8 initial lead which they stretched to 42-21 at the half.  They slowed down the game mid-way through the 2nd half and Pittsburgh made a little run, but SU won 77-66.

Eric and I had a good trip, talking sports and basketball on the car ride to/from.  The walk up the hill was a little chilly (19 degrees) and it made Eric wish he had brought a jacket to go over his sweatshirt…. but live and learn, eh?

Snowshoeing the Ski Trail

We finally got a couple of snowfalls – enough to provide a base for our XC ski trails.  Skip and I managed to snowshoe to the top of Kirkland’s field (1 hour up and 30 minutes down trail) , followed by another day completing half the lollipop loop.  On 26 December the dogs and I completed the loop by going counter clockwise past “Appliance Alley” to the teepee / halfway mark on the loop.  Despite warming temperatures and rain the trail mostly held together; enough for Skip, Beth, Kathryn and I to snowshoe the whole circuit on Wednesday.  On Thursday and Friday we received 21 ” of snow.

New Year’s Day Kathryn and I began to re-establish the filled in trail.  For the most part I was able to discern where our previous trail was, but it was faint and it felt like breaking trail all over again.  It took us about an hour to get just inside the woods to the intersection of the trail to Appliance Alley.  From there Kathryn skied back to the house.  It took me 30 minutes to snowshoe back down the hill on the broken trail. We will probably to extend the loop in the coming week similar to the way we did last week.  Hopefully the rain in the forecast won’t be too hard.