U15 AYSO vs Oneida

The first game was Sunday the 24th at 1 o’clock against Oneida at Betsinger Field 524 Betsinger Rd. Sherrill, N.Y. 13461. Since it is the start of vacation week from school a few players could not make the game. There will be no scheduled practices for AYSO, mainly due to the fact that a lot of the kids, if not all, are playing modified sports.

The team was primarily girls with 4 boys.  They lost 9-0 showing a lack of playing with one another, passes lacking pace and a desire to dribble the ball into the goal rather than shooting from the box.  But the kids had fun and played better in the 2nd half allowing only one goal in the 2nd half.


Team Bummer Volleyball Tournament

Kathryn organized a team to compete in the 4th Annual Bummer Volleyball Tournament held at Dolgeville HS.  There were close to 250 people participating with 12 teams in the competitive division, 6 in intermediate and 6 in recreational – where we played.   Eric and I shared a slot and took turns playing with Scott, Kathryn, Beth, Bill and Billie Jo.  Eric did really well for his 1st tournament play. The tournament used women’s height nets which meant that everyone on our team could be a hitter.  Only one female was required on each team.  We played each team two games using rally scoring to 15.  There was one team of middle school aged kids – we gave the kids a ‘do-over’ on serving faults. 

The first game was a little …tense…shall we say….as we were unaware that the “norm” in the Recreational division was not to make any calls at all – carries were ignored,  people were totally in the net, and at one point they called us for 4 hits when one of our guys blocked something then we played it!  This woman from another team who was doing lines  told us “If you want to play by the rules, you should have been in the intermediate division.”  We explained we were trying to teach a 13 year old how to play and there were two of us over 60, one with double hip replacements, who know enough to know that having people in the net is how people get hurt and she said – I swear she said this – “Then maybe you shouldn’t be playing volleyball”  and walked away before I could respond.   Once we knew “the rules” (or lack thereof) we could adjust our play and did well.  Overall, it was a good  day and a good introduction for Eric; our friend Beth used it as something of a training session for him  and he did well.

Billie Jo and Beth both had long serving runs. We had a couple of good games.  Most of the players for Team Four left early so they picked up 4 good male players and were disappointed when they still lost. The 1st team we played, “The Settlers”, asked to play another game to 25 again at the end of the schedule; fortunately Billie Jo managed to rip off a long serving run that gave us a big cushion and we ended with a good game on a good note.  There were no action photos taken of the recreational division, but we did pose for a picture with the championship t-shirts.

Family Ties 2-001

AAU King of the Hill Tournament

Eric’s AAU team, Rome Select, played in a weekend tournament, King of the Hill, in Oneonta winning their three play-in games and the championship.

  • Saturday 4:45pm vs. The Fleet @Oneonta Middle School Court 4  Rome Select won 59-42
  • Saturday 6:55pm vs. WV Barons Zaleski@ Oneonta Middle School Court 4 Rome Select won 52-35
  • Sunday 8:30am vs. Midstate Wolfpack @Unadilla valley high school Court 5 Rome Select won 45-4
  • Championship game Sunday is winner of pool A (Cortland) vs. Winner of pool B (Rome Select) 3:05pm@ Oneonta Middle School court 4 Rome Select won

2016-04-03 Oneonta AAU Tournament Scoreboards


Oneonta King of the Hill 7th Gold Pools

Eric played good defense, making a couple of steals; he rebounded well.  His scoring is limited.  He had one nice pick and pop and a couple of opportunities in the lane, but this is one area he is working to improve.






Front: Dale Lisowski, Dan Fitzgerald, Landon Miller, Shane Moorehead, Drew Lisowski
Back: Coach Rondell Williams, Pedro Tuff, Ke’Andre Williams, Dylan Ernst, Jeremiah Bartholomew, Manuel Salas, Eric Muller, Coach Joe Lisowski

April Fools

We just finished our traditional backwards April Fools Dinner- dressed up crazy, eat dessert 1st, use kitchen utensils for bowls and silverware. We had ice cream sundaes followed by bacon and eggs. Eric got me with the old ‘sugar in the salt shaker with the loose top’ trick.

This was in retaliation for the 200 ‘googly eyes’ we deployed this morning. Everything he touched had googly eyes: his bedroom door, every light switch, toothbrush, hairbrush, cereal bowl, cereal, sneakers, etc, etc, etc. Well played even if I say so myself….


Orlando: Universal Studios and Rope Course

Kathryn, Eric, went to Orlando for a 4 day vacation 3/11 through 3/15, with friends Margaret and Harrisen.  We had a 3 day pass to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure.  We took one day off in between and went to do a ropes course in Kissimmee, which gave us a good break from the theme-park stuff.  The parks were not very crowded on Friday and we found that by going in the “single rider” line (your group gets split up to fill in empty seats) we were able to avoid having any wait at all, although Harrisen objected somewhat as he is fussy about sitting next to strangers.  The boys got along and Margaret and I got along so it was good.  Saturday we got the express pass, which again made it so we had no waiting.  Monday was busier but even then we had 15 minutes or less of a wait in the “single rider” line.  So we did the rides a lot.  We got really good at the “Men in Black”  ride which involves shooting aliens (the boys each had a high score of over 300,000).  We did the Simpsons ride so many times we could say the script with the characters (Maggie: “Dad, I’m scared” Homer: “Don’t worry honey, it’s an amusement park; they aren’t going to kill you as long as you have a dime left in your pocket”  Psychopath Bob “You’re going to die!”  Homer: “You sound just like my doctor!”)  Our hotel was quite nice and within walking distance of the park, so we were able to be on our own time schedule and not have to wait for a shuttle.  All in all, a very good trip.  Limited pictures to share, as you can’t take pictures on the ride, and no one wanted to pay $25 for the picture taken by the park on each ride.


Eric’s Sleep Walking

Eric had a bout of sleepwalking the night before last….Kathryn came out and lots of lights were on  (including the mud room closet…odd) and when she went was upstairs he was in the rec room buttoning his shirt and tying his shoes.  When she asked what he was doing and he said “I don’t feel well…..” We took him down for warm milk and think that is when he woke up.  We had some warm milk and talked a bit.  The next day he didn’t remember getting up at all.

March Meltdown AAU Tournament

Eric played in his 1st AAU tournament, Rome Select’s March Meltdown winning 2 of 3 games.  He played equal time with all others and played pretty well despite the frenetic full court pressure. He is adjusting to taking the 1st available shot.

2016-02-27 AAU March Meltdown Tournament

Alex’s Office

Steve retired the end of January with Alex taking over his Project Manager’s role and office.  Alex moved into the office and got some decorating assistance from his wife, Shelly; mainly hanging pictures and placing knick-knacks.  I was teasing Alex that he needed a lava lamp to complete the office.  Two days later I received a lava lamp for my office.  To retaliate I obtained two black lights, a Dave Matthews poster, a beaded curtain. I got to work early, set up Alex’s new decorations and plugged my iPod playing Dave Matthews Band music into Alex’s speakers.  The black lights were a little disappointing as not many things reacted, but overall it made a nice story.

Alex's Office collage

7th Grade Modified Basketball Team

Eric wore #40 for his 7th Grade Modified Basketball team.

EricMuller 7th Grade Modified Bball Team-001

Coach Parsons kept 14 boys and had two platoons.  Eric largely played on the 2nd group with Luke, Michael, Jon, Ethan and Ryan. The team was pretty successful with wins over Clinton, Frankfort, Utica Academy of Science, Canastota, Hamilton and Sherburne-Earlville.

Team Picture

Back row: Dean, Dylan, Sawyer, Jon, Coach Scott Parsons, Dennis, Eric, Michael, Shane

Front row: Jack, Scottie, Ethan, Ryan, Austin, Luke

Eric had basketball camp or practice day during the school break; 3 days of Mohawk Valley Elite camp 9am-1pm; Ryan’s birthday party at Accelerate Sports Facility, where they played dodgeball, basketball and kick ball, and then practice with the Rome Select AAU team Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Eric wished to play more basketball and asked to participate in AAU.  We were aware of four AAU teams: two teams in Rome, a West Canada Valley team and a new organization, Mohawk Valley Elite, based out of the Accelerate facility.  We decided to try out for each team in turn as tryouts were held until he was able to stick with a team.  Eric tried out for the Rome Select team and made the roster of the B team.  After a couple of weeks he was moved up the A team,  playing on the same team as Dylan and Shane.  The AAU league will be good for him, they are pushing him to be more aggressive and shoot more which is good as he has a tendency to pass or wait for the “just right” shot.  Modified (school) ball finishes up this week with three straight games Wed – Fri and Eric’s 1st AAU tournament is being held this weekend.

South Lewis Volleyball Tournament

Kathryn entered a team, The Reverant, at the annual adult co-ed volleyball tournament at South Lewis on Feb. 20th.  The format was 3-3 (minimum 3 girls per team), $120 per team, with championship t-shirts will be awarded to the winning team in each division (competitive and recreational divisions).  For the fourth year another t-shirt won.  She was a little worried some of the  players would be bored, as the other teams couldn’t even really return a soft serve.  A couple teams were OK but the games weren’t even close this year.  The only time it was a bit of a challenge was in the playoffs, but  the other team never got above 16.  Kathryn said that by the 10th game her knees were a little wobbly (even with breaks in between).  Fortunately she was not stiff the next day.