Henderson Lake

Over Columbus Weekend Matt, Skip and I squeezed in one last late season canoe camping trip to Henderson Lake; making it the 3rd trip to Henderson this year for Skip and I, including our May scouting trip, our July tour with Steve, Kathryn and Eric.  We had gorgeous weather on Sunday, a clear starry night and light fog on Monday as we departed.  We took lots of pictures.

2014-10-13 Henderson Lake

This is an awesome picture taken by Matt  on Henderson Lake. He probably took about 20 different versions of this shot trying to capture the dead tree spire, the Big Dipper and the faint silhouette of the high peaks to the west. I believe this required a 60 second exposure and about 2 seconds of illumination of the tree with a head lamp.


Pumpkin Patch Mud Run

We took the Stone and Dakota with us to the Pumpkin Patch Mud Run.  Friday night we had spaghetti dinner at Jeanne’s along with other team members.  Saturday was damp but the rain held off until the kid’s run at 12:30.  Kathryn, Eric, Stone and Nathan did both the adult run and the kid’s run for a total of a little over 4 miles.

2014-10-04 Pumpkin Patch Mud Run

Insane Inflatables Obstacle Run

Kathryn, Eric, Wendy, Hannah and Oliva participated in the Insane Inflatables race in Syracuse.

2014-09-26 Insane Inflatables


Kent & Kathi

Our friends, Kent & Kathi, spent time with us after parent’s weekend at Wheaton College.  They arrived on Sunday afternoon in time to see Eric’s soccer game vs Hamilton (a 2-2 tie).  On Monday we took a long hike around our ski trails visiting the old foundation, a tree stand and bushwhacking the last portion.


On Tuesday they dug Herkimer diamonds with Billie Jo.  Kent ended up with several nice crystals which he is going to clean up and return to Billie Jo to make into jewelry.

2014-09-23 Digging Diamonds with Billie Jo

Evenings we played board games; Scotland Yard or Apples to Apples.


Wednesday Kathryn accompanied them to Niagara Falls; they flew home to Eugene on Friday.

Long Lake to The Crusher

I took a 4 day canoe trip from Long Lake down the Racquette River over the 1 mile carry to the Crusher (Racquette River and Route 3).  This route is part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and most of the route of the 2nd day of the 90 Mile Adirondack Canoe Classic.

Long Lake to Crusher TopoMap

I went with the two Paul’s from the local ADK chapter and Bill Ingersoll, author of the Discover the ADKs series.  Wednesday  was beautiful, sunny and no wind as we crossed Long Lake.


As we paddled north on Long Lake we passed several lean-tos.  There are other campsites up both sides of Long Lake without lean-to’s and are shown on the canoe route map. Between the end of Long Lake and Raquette Falls there are few sites once you pass the Cold River confluence.  The tent sites get much less traffic and most have an outhouse somewhere back from the site. All the lean-to sites do also, but due to the increased number of visitors and the general inexperience of the campers, some lean-to sites can be messy.

Bill, his dog Lexi and I paddled down the Raquette River and proceeded up the Cold River. The Cold River is navigable for a little ways upstream from it’s confluence with the Raquette River.  There’s a trail/herd path to Shattuck Clearing from where you can’t paddle any further upstream.   The trail along the Coldriver is called the Pine Point trail.

Paul and Paul missed the confluence with the Cold River and proceeded down stream on the Raquette River all the way to the Raquette Falls Carry, approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes further.  Realizing their error they paddled back upstream and re-joined us at the Calkins Brook Lean-to on the Cold River.   We cooked dinner and played a little three handed pitch before turning in for the night.

Paul stayed in his tent while Bill, Lexi, Paul and I slept in the lean-to.  We heard owls during the night.  It was windy and it rained overnight; continuing an on-again, off-again rain and wind until mid-afternoon when it broke long enough for Bill and his buddies to go searching for a trail head on the Cold River.


Friday we paddled down the Raquette River and did the carry which skirts waterfalls with some class 2-3 rapids with “must moves” above the falls.  We leap-frogged the carry splitting duties carrying packs and canoes.


At the bottom of the carry we paused for a snack and to re-group prior to hiking to see the lower falls of Raquette River.


Below Paul checks out the two plank Lazy-boy chair.


The Lower Falls displays a  significant amount of elevation drop.


We  camped at a lean-to slightly below the falls.  Our lean-to was crashed by a couple of other paddlers who claimed they couldn’t find the lean-tos on either side of ours.  They just pulled in and started unloading their gear without seeking consent.  There were two lean-tos within walking distance on either side of us.  They ended up tenting on the site, but they wanted to hang their food bag in the lean-to!  Without asking!  I wasn’t happy about it – I mean there is only 6.1 million acres for them to camp in. Fortunately they stayed to themselves and turned in early.  We cooked dinner and played 4 person cut throat pitch until 9pm and turned in.  We heard coyotes and owls during the night.

Saturday morning it was 35 degrees when we got up.  Our tenting partners woke up cold, packed quickly and headed out downstream.  We ate breakfast, pack up and were paddling downstream by shortly after 9am.  After paddling for 30 minutes we warmed up.  I shed a layer and exchanged my fleece jacket for access to my rain coat as dark clouds were threatening.  As we paddled downstream we were passed by DEC Ranger Gary Valentine who warned us of a thunderstorm coming in around noon, but stated “the way you are paddling you should be pulled out at the Crusher by then”.  Ten minutes later it started raining; a cold, wind driven rain.  We caught up and the canoe bearing the two men who tented on our lean-to site and passed one hunting tent with a man sitting dry under his canvas tarp while the rain soaked canoeists paddled by.  We passed the outlet to Stony Creek Ponds and made it to the Crusher slightly before noon.

The Crusher launch site is  just northwest of Trombley Landing, near the intersection of NYS Route 3 and 30.  The Crusher is the common end point for Day 2 of the 90 Miler Canoe Classic.  There’s a large paved parking lot and a wide ramp for launching boats and an outhouse.  We were very glad to reach the cars, load up the canoes and change into dry clothes.

20140912 005

Firewood Status

Last winter was cold.  Unprecedentedly cold.  I estimate we burned ~10 cord of wood; 4 purchased and 6 cut by us.  This year Kathryn and I started cutting firewood during late spring/early summer.  We cut mainly dead elm near the old silo.  It was close to walk to and there was a lot of dead elm.  Recently we started working on new trail going from North Trail, traveling SW and connecting to the hay field.  Our mission was twofold:

  1. To harvest the abundant dead ash trees.  These were standing and/or leaning limbs and trees
  2. To develop a hiking/skiing / snowshoe trail that I could maintain with yearly bush-hogging.

The disadvantage of this location is that it is located near the furthest reaches of our property requiring a bit of a walk carrying the chainsaw and accessories.  Below Cullen stands in the middle of our cut wood piles.


I estimate we now have ~10+ cord of firewood for this winter.  Our barn is 48′ long.  We have a stack along the barn  40′ long and another 20′  long.  These stacks are at least 5’6″ tall – over 3


Why don’t I store wood in the basement?  Look at the sawdust left by bugs in the dead wood.


On outside bays I have four stacks of wood for next year.  These are 7′ by 6′ stacks with wood drying for next year.


Eric’s 1st Day at 6th Grade Middle School

The kid was all shiny and dressed up so we had to get a 1st day at school picture.  The school sent an estimated pickup time of 7:07am; a good 45 minutes earlier than his bus pickup to elementary school.  So Eric, Kathryn and I were dutifully waiting for the bus to show.  About 7:22 I decided I needed to get to work and left Kathryn and Eric at the end of the driveway.  As I drove west on our road I was passed by HP Bus 188 flying east at a goodly clip.  I slowed down and listened for the squeal of tires as Bus 188 noticed their pickup and tried to stop in time.  Apparently that didn’t happen as the bus ignored Eric and cruised through.  Kathryn drove Eric to school and told him to make sure he made it on the bus to come home and to show the driver where he lived.  Upon her return to home she saw the HP Elementary bus waiting for Eric at the end of the driveway.  Apparently, he didn’t get listed on the Middle School bus run and was still on the HPE bus list.


Moby Catfish

Eric and his buddies have done a lot of fishing in our pond this summer.  They have mainly used lures to fish for bass as Eric has been scared of the size of the catfish.  Trevor tried using the tried and true method of a hot dog on a hook to catch one of the 20-some catfish.  Dubbed ‘Moby Catfish” by the boys they were very proud of their catch.  Moby Catfish was too large to fit into a 5-gallon bucket.  After pictures Moby Catfish was released back into the pond.


Volleyball Playoffs, Re-Arranging the Livingroom and Cutting Wood

This past week was the volleyball playoffs. Our Wednesday night Volley Llamas team finished 2nd in the 9 team league but lost in the semi-finals 2 games to 1. We had a large lead in the last game and just fell apart. Our team was comprised of AARP members (i.e. old, slow, and achy), with the exception of Billie Jo and a college aged son – we battled injuries and more than one person is doubtful to play next year, so it was an accomplishment finishing where we did.


Kathryn’s Thursday night team played in an more competitive division, but they also finished 2nd in the regular season and got beat in the semi-finals of the playoffs.

Eric got invited to accompany one of his buddies on a family camping trip Friday/Saturday night. So we did what any married couple does when they get a free, childless night – we moved furniture and re-arranged the living room!


Kathryn has had designs on breaking up the big futon couch and making the living room “more one room”. Of course, every piece of furniture that got moved required some cleaning actions to be taken.


So the computer/entertainment center went into the family room. The couch got split up and the little TV got re-positioned.


Saturday and Sunday we cut wood / started a new ski trail through our woods. We cut for a couple of hours on Saturday and then loaded it all onto the 3-point hitch carry-all that my Dad made. I estimate that when it is fully loaded the carry-all takes about ¾ a face cord of wood. We currently have about 8 cord of dead elm and ash firewood and another 4 cord of ash that I cut early in the summer and is likely to be dry enough to burn, but I would like to use it next winter, if possible. This past winter was very cold, we ran our wood stove nearly 24/7 and went through ~10 cord of wood.

Goalie Clinic

UK International is hosted a goalie and striker clinic Saturday at the Trenton Town Park from 9am-12pm. Eric, Matt and Harrison all did the goalie clinic.  There were about 6-8 girls in the striker clinic.  There was a short scrimmage afterwards.