Tom and Debby Visit

Tom and Debbie visited for a few days. We hiked the Trenton Falls trail and toured Fort Stanwix and Fort Klock.

Known as “the fort that never surrendered,” Fort Stanwix successfully repelled a prolonged siege in August 1777 during the Revolutionary War. For thousands of years the ancient trail that connects the Mohawk River and Wood Creek served as a vital link for people traveling between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Ontario.

Fort Klock is a fortified homestead one mile east of St. Johnsville. The stone structure has walls over 2 feet thick and is heavily loopholed on every side for defense , windows could be covered by sturdy wood shutters. A spring bubbling up in the cellar provided fresh water to the occupants. The self contained Fort Klock was utilized during both the French and Indian war and the American war for independence, as a place of refuge for family and neighbors. The home remained in the Klock family through the 1950’s.