Headwaters of the Hudson

Skip, Jim and Matt put in where County 76 crosses the Hudson.  We paddle downstream, battled a stiff breeze blowing north across Sanford Lake.  We encountered very shallow conditions and would probably be unable to complete our trip if there was 1″ less of water flowing.  Upon reaching the confluence of the Opalescent River we went upstream.  The Opalescent was the clearest looking water I have encountered in the Adirondacks.  The stream was shallow, twisty and lined by large sand and gravel bars that are even visible on Google maps.  We only paddled (and poled) a short distance upstream before turning back due to the shallow conditions. Turning back down stream we quickly reached the road crossing identified by the Opalescent Game Club where we left our take out vehicle.  We decided to continue downriver and were impressed by the prettiest stretch of the Hudson River.  Finally, the Hudson came close enough to County 25 that we decided to exit up a steep bank and bushwhack the canoes back to the road. Matt and I extracted canoes and gear while Skip began the trek back to our take-out vehicle.

2016-06-30 Hudson River Collage

Opalescent-map  Upper Hudson Map