Orlando: Universal Studios and Rope Course

Kathryn, Eric, went to Orlando for a 4 day vacation 3/11 through 3/15, with friends Margaret and Harrisen.  We had a 3 day pass to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure.  We took one day off in between and went to do a ropes course in Kissimmee, which gave us a good break from the theme-park stuff.  The parks were not very crowded on Friday and we found that by going in the “single rider” line (your group gets split up to fill in empty seats) we were able to avoid having any wait at all, although Harrisen objected somewhat as he is fussy about sitting next to strangers.  The boys got along and Margaret and I got along so it was good.  Saturday we got the express pass, which again made it so we had no waiting.  Monday was busier but even then we had 15 minutes or less of a wait in the “single rider” line.  So we did the rides a lot.  We got really good at the “Men in Black”  ride which involves shooting aliens (the boys each had a high score of over 300,000).  We did the Simpsons ride so many times we could say the script with the characters (Maggie: “Dad, I’m scared” Homer: “Don’t worry honey, it’s an amusement park; they aren’t going to kill you as long as you have a dime left in your pocket”  Psychopath Bob “You’re going to die!”  Homer: “You sound just like my doctor!”)  Our hotel was quite nice and within walking distance of the park, so we were able to be on our own time schedule and not have to wait for a shuttle.  All in all, a very good trip.  Limited pictures to share, as you can’t take pictures on the ride, and no one wanted to pay $25 for the picture taken by the park on each ride.


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