Battle for the 315 AAU Tournament


Rome Select played in the Battle for the 315 tournament.  Their 1st game (9am game) was vs MV Elite and  it was an ugly game.  Rome Select trailed throughout the game and managed to put in two offensive rebounds to win 22-19.

They played Elite Performers at 11am and jumped out to an early lead – I think it was close to 20 points at one point.  In the 2nd half Elite Performers started a full court press and ran off 12 points vs the Rome Select bench (Eric included).  Re-inserting the starters calmed the waters and the final margin of win was ~10 points.

Sunday morning Rome Select played the MV- Elite (Frankfort version) who won the Pool B in the cross over game winning by 25 points.

Rome Select ended up playing Elite Performers in the championship game, but they added a couple of additional players for the championship.  Elite Performers jumped out to a 10 point lead, Rome Select tied it before half and then Elite Performers ran off a 10 point lead right before half.  That was the story in the 2nd half.  Rome Select made a run cut the lead to 10 and then Elite Performers would counter and run it back up.  The final margin of victory was in the teens. Overall a good weekend, but I think everyone walked away disappointed because they lost that last game.  On to Saratoga and the Adidas Hoop Summit.

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