Battle at the Bell 3v3 Tournament

Eric, Shane and Manny formed a team to compete in the Battle of the Bell 3v3 Tournament.  We started at Pulaski Park at noon, hung around a couple hours while the girls games got underway and then got rained out.  The games were transferred to Beekman Gym and the boys matches began about 3:30pm amid hot humid conditions and wet slippery floors. The boys started slow and it seemed like a blowout was in the making as the Westmoreland Swim team aggressively drove the lane for layups.  After being slapped alongside the head they rallied, losing by 3 points.  The 2nd game they defeated a much heralded Utica D-Squad by making their outside shots and taking advantage of size mismatches inside.  The 3rd game vs Rome Select followed a similar strategy by making shots and posting up Dale and Drew when possible. The 4th game vs Pushovers got a little chippy as Shane got pushed a few times and retaliated by shoving the player to the floor.  An initial ejection got down graded and the game got cleaned up and  continued as the boys squeezed out another win.  Finally they ran out of energy and lost to swim team again and were eliminated from the tournament.  A good showing and fun basketball.

2016-07-09 Battle of the Bell 3v3

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