Twisted Ankles

Eric Fall Accelerate League ended with his team being in the 2nd seed.  They beat the RFA team on the final game of the season and ended up playing vs Frankfort in the finals and winning.  Eric with him suffered a sprained ankle in the last regular season game.  On the opening play he got an offensive rebound and came down wrong twisting his ankle.  He put the shot back in, but his pain was evident three strides down court.  We ended up taking Eric to the emergency ward of St Lukes.  Xrays were clean and he was given an air cast and permission to skip gym, use crutches and the elevator.  A followup with his doctor got him a schedule with PT.

Eric kept clock at the playoff games.


Bushey, Jaden, Ty, Bryce, Ian, Eric, Kyle and Matt posed after their championship win.


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