Eric’s 14th Birthday

Eric turned 14 on Saturday January 7th.  Eric and I went to an SU game vs Pittsburgh.  SU basketball has been a roller coaster this early season, with proclamations by Coach Boeheim of the talent and depth of the team; early blowouts vs non-conference foes and losses against good teams (South Carolina and Wisconsin) and huge losses against St Johns and Boston College.  Boeheim changed rotations frequently and settled on a Gillon, White, Battle, Lydon and Roberson for  win vs Miami.  Pittsburgh was successful vs the 2-3 zone in the past but had a new head coach and new personnel.  So against this backdrop Eric and I were hoping for a good game.

The 1st half was a blow-out with SU taking a 20-8 initial lead which they stretched to 42-21 at the half.  They slowed down the game mid-way through the 2nd half and Pittsburgh made a little run, but SU won 77-66.

Eric and I had a good trip, talking sports and basketball on the car ride to/from.  The walk up the hill was a little chilly (19 degrees) and it made Eric wish he had brought a jacket to go over his sweatshirt…. but live and learn, eh?

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