Tractor Chains

Since the temperatures were a balmy 20 degrees I decided to put the chains on my tractor. I brought two loads of wood into the garage and then parked the carry-all; probably for the winter…. My tractor chains are the double link and super heavy. I hang them on the side of the barn when […]

Timothy J. Skelly

Timothy J. Skelly of Spencerport died on Thursday, November 23, 2017. Predeceased by his wife, Roseanne (Starnino) Skelly; father and mother, J. Francis and Isabel Skelly. He is survived by his children, Sarah Skelly and Christopher Skelly; brothers, Patrick (Janice) Skelly, Thomas (Debbie) Skelly; sister, Kathryn (James) Muller; many brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews. Tim […]

Thanksgiving at BillieJo & Joel’s House

After decades of Kathryn hosting Thanksgiving, this year BillieJo offered to host the meal. Kathryn volunteered to cook two turkeys, make dressing and gravy. We made arrangements with Robert & Linda to share transporting Barb & Joe from Atria to /from the feast.

Everything worked out well. Unfortunately, upon our return home we received […]

Warm Fall

We had a fantastic fall; warm, dry days and slightly cool nights. Great fall colors. Kathryn and I continued to cut firewood and made two new trails: Big Maple and Four Corners North. Both trails need mowing and maintenance but will work for snowshoe/ski trails this winter.


Fort Ticonderoga

We met our friends Kent & Kathi in Lake George and toured Fort William Henry on Lake George and Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champagne. Named Carillon by the French in 1755 and known to the soldiers in the American Revolution as “the old French Fort,” Fort Ticonderoga stood at the center of 2 wars and […]

Estimated Firewood as of 15Oct2017

I estimate that Kathryn and I have cut approximately 19 face cords of firewood in the past few weeks. We have been fortunate in that the weather most weekends has been dry and warm.

Re-Arranging the Living Room Furniture

Our living room is a 261 square feet (14.5′ x 18′) and designing useful arrangements has been difficult. Primarily, the room is used for Eric to watch Netflix and eat snacks or in the winter it is used as a reading room when one wants to sit near the wood stove. One of the motivators […]

Status of the Woodpile

Kathryn and I have been cutting firewood on weekends since we came back from vacation. We got a lot of dead ash from the junction of north trail and the spring trail as well as the intersection of north trail and the angle trail. In cutting there we were pulling dead ash out of the […]

Hudson River

Skip and I planned an overnight trip down the Hudson River from Harris Lake, Newcomb to the Gooley Club take out neat Indian Lake a distance of about 14 miles encompassing several Class II and III rapids. There are two designated two takeouts. The first is 7.3 miles from the launch at a steel bridge […]

Oregon Vacation

After months of planning, research and discussion we took a two week vacation in Oregon to include 2 days along the coast, a 4 day white water rafting trip on the Rogue River, a trip to Crater Lake, spending three days with our friends in Eugene, staying at SunRiver Resort in central Oregon, trekking to […]