Cranes had two extra tickets to see the country music group Alabama. Sweet Tea Trio opened for them. Both groups put on a good shop.

HP Teams in the Playoffs

Eric attended the HP vs Lowville football game held at Ilion. Holland Patent scored five first-half touchdowns and went on to a 49-28 Section III, Class C football victory over Lowville Academy Friday night at Central Valley Academy’s Diss Field Memorial Field. Holland Patent, 9-0 and ranked sixth in the state, will head to the […]

Zion National Park

There were no Huntsman activities on Sunday so we drove to Zion National Park to meet up with Kent and Kathy. We did a short (3.5 miles) hike up the Watchman and rode the bus to the Narrows. The weather was perfect.

Happy Birthday, Billie Jo

Eric’s Ankle Surgery

It was a long day. Eric was in surgery for 3 hours and ten minutes. Ed had two screws installed that will dissolve in 2 years. The screws anchored stitches which secure his ligaments to his ankle bones. The orthopedist thinks she took care of all the issues in that ankle. 3-4 weeks on […]


Kathryn has been monitoring the elderberry bushes and picking berries for her tonic.

Volley Llamas Playoffs 2018

Our Volley Llamas 2018 team finished the regular season solidly in 2nd place in the ten team league. Dig Pink finished in 1st place with only 3 losses (2 imposed by Volley Llamas) and Scrappers finished in 3rd place.

The Volley Llamas summer season ended after reaching the finals after playoff wins 2-0 over […]

RIP – 1991 Volvo 240 Sedan

I bought this 1991 Volvo 240 Sedan upon the recommendation of my mechanic, Larry. A retired Herkimer school teacher wanted to have a ‘sportier’ car (i.e. BMW) as ‘her last car’. The car had only 58,378 miles on it; mint condition; with extra snow tires. The previous owners kept a little booklet recording everything […]

Eric’s Tonsils

Eric finished up his Freshman year with various end-of-school get-togethers, including one he had here. On Tuesday he had his tonsils removed. He had some minor issues, so we didn’t get discharged when we anticipated. One issue was nausea, probably from the anesthesia and pain medication. The other issue was his uvula was so swollen […]

Cullen Blowing his Coat

It only took about 20 minutes of brushing to get this amount hair out of Cullen.