Chipping the Catalpa Trees

We dropped the two Catalpa trees before they started leafing out. Then it was a matter of trimming limbs and blocking up the trunks; about a day a piece for Kathryn and I. I split the large chunks by hand. I broke up the sessions up with the 2nd tree to reduce the strain […]

Losing the Catalpa Trees

What a warm, beautiful day, I cut weeds on the pond dam so that we can walk across and view the damage. I used to be able to drive the tractor and brush hog across the dam, but the dam is unstable due to settling, flooding and / or muskrats. Eric and I fertilized […]

Garden is Ready for Take Off

I started a lot of plants in doors; 4 varieties of tomatoes, broccoli, egg plant, watermelon, and artichoke. In the next week I will move the plants outdoors into a DIY green house to harden up before being planted in the garden. I began to prep the garden by hoeing the garden in phases. […]

Coping With Isolation

We have been very cautious about interacting with others. We try to fill our days with a combination of work (Jim working part time and Kathryn finalizing tests and grades at her last Utica College class, projects, exercise and play. Our projects have included: cutting firewood, planting 50 white spruce trees and 10 Elderberry […]

Atrial Flutter

The end of October I had a cardiac ablation to cure my Atrial Fibrillation which was effective from January until the end of April when I developed a related Atrial Flutter. In atrial flutter, one’s heart’s upper chambers beat too quickly. This causes the heart to beat in a fast, regular rhythm. Atrial flutter […]

We Saw Painter!

Barb and Joe gave us Painter in May of 2008; 12 years ago. We kept him all summer and winter feeding him primarily fish worms until he was fat. We released him in the pond by our house the summer of 2009. Last fall we (or honestly Cullen) found Painter on the lawn and […]

Obituary for Dr. Charles Joseph Waring

Dr. Charles Joseph Waring was born in Ballston Spa, NY, on September 11, 1933, to Charles Raymond and Aileen (Shaeffer) Waring. He passed away peacefully at the age of 86 from natural causes at the Daughters of Sarah Nursing Center in Albany, NY, on April 13, 2020.He graduated from Saratoga Springs High School in […]

Trillium and Cardinals

We have several cardinals feeding during the winter and this spring we had a female cardinal attacking her reflection in our windows. Despite the cold weather we put screens on our windows and patio doors in an attempt to reduce the number of reflections.

Also depicted are my initial seed beds and the first […]

Isolation Activities

During our lock down we have mixed work responsibilities with increased TV time, work out routines and home projects. Our home projects include:

Painting Eric’s bedroomTook chains off tractor and unhooked snowblower (never used this winter)Cleared painting supplies and hardware from basement shelving, cleaned and re-stockedStarted 43 garden seeds: 4 varieties of […]

Finish to Eric’s Painting Project

For the past week of isolation Eric Muller (17) has been painting his bedroom with a theme of his favorite NBA basketball team – The Phoenix Suns. This entailed white ceiling paint and multiple colors on the walls: gray, purple and orange. Additionally LED lighting and a Fathead logo decorated the walls. Multiple images […]