Eric Returns to Play Basketball

After 8 months, 66 physical therapy appointments and several momentum swings Eric finally got to play basketball for his Mohawk Valley Elite AAU team. Their 1st 2019 tournament was held in Watertown, NY. They had a full team (10 players)and he is struggling with regaining his conditioning, but it was a major accomplishment to […]

Scout Guarding Her Cache

The dogs were bored and the weather was nice so Kathryn gave the two dogs each a bone and they hung outside. After a period of gnawing Scout decided to cache her bone under a small pile of driveway gravel and watch over it. Later Cullin made the mistake of wandering too close to […]

Weekend of March 2-3

Last night Kathryn and I watched Cohen Brothers movie “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” a series of quirky short stories that I recommended to Jim Helmer and Robert.

Kathryn and Eric joined the 24 hour gym and had their 1st of 3 orientation sessions.

2-March and we are bringing in the estimated remaining wood […]

Breaking Snowshoe Trails

The dogs and I took a nice snowshoe hike spotting a Ruffed Grouse’s Kieppe, what I believe are quite possibly bobcat tracks, a couple of scent marked sticks by alleged bobcat and the miles of view offered by Pen Bonc Hill.

My snowshoeing buddies: Cullen and Scout (who’s long hair gives […]

St John 2019

It seems that every 4 years we make an opportunity to vacation in St John Virgin Islands. This year we planned a trip as Eric said it was his favorite vacation (better than white water rafting or horse packing trips) and there was nothing planned during the week out of school. We were joined […]

Girls Weekend in Rochester

Kathryn and Billie Jo took Dakota and Izzabella to Rochester for a “Girls Weekend”. On Saturday they visited the National Museum of Play, The Rochester Museum of Science, the Strasenburgh Planetarium and still had time to eat out with Mark and his girls and spend some time in the hotel pool.

Sunday they shopped […]

Eric’s Ankle Surgery- Closure

Five months after surgery, with 7 follow-up appointments with the orthopedic surgeon, 55 physical therapy sessions and a comparable number of individual workouts, Eric was finally cleared to resume sports activities.  He missed his JV basketball season but we are all powerfully glad he can participate in gym classes, sports with his friends and […]

Tomato Soup Cake

Dating back to the 1930s, Tomato Soup Cake was tremendously popular as it required very little butter and eggs, precious ingredients in Depression-era America. The flavors in this cake are rich with no true tomato taste, just the warmth of the spices and sweetness of the raisins. The cake keeps beautifully and can […]

Christmas 2018

Prior to the Christmas holiday we had a follow-up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon who asked that Eric continue PT for another 6 weeks prior to competing in sports. It was a disappointment since Eric had been hoping to join the JV team.

Christmas Eve day we had Billie Jo’s family for mid-day dinner […]


Cranes had two extra tickets to see the country music group Alabama. Sweet Tea Trio opened for them. Both groups put on a good shop.