Paddling the Kunjamuk with the Helmers

We took advantage of the nice weather and did a day trip up & back the Kunjamuk.

Transition To Summer Vacation

Eric had two regents tests to finish up his school year.  He feels he aced the math.  He says he thinks he “didn’t do too bad” on the science.  The last week of school, we got emails from photography and English that he missed assignments so his grade was in the 50s for both.  He says he rectified the situation – we are holding our breath.

Eric’s tonsillectomy is Tuesday, so he will be on injured-reserve for pretty much everything.   Let’s hope the surgery goes as pleasantly.  We were told there is a 2 week recovery period.  Because they use lasers not scalpels, there is increased scabbing so for 2 weeks, he gets no real food.  Broth, jello, popsicles, etc.   They said he will probably drop 5-10 pounds. Then in July 23 Eric gets his wisdom teeth out.  That is a 4 day recovery period.

We had all been sick with a nasty cold for a week.  Jim’s fatigue never went away.   He couldn’t do anything, barely walk down to the pond etc.   After a while, he began to sense he was in atrial fib again, which a trip to the ER confirmed.  He was very bummed.  The doctors kept saying “People live with atrial fib!”  and Jim kept saying “But I can’t do anything I want to do!”  Jim had an ablation 12 years ago, and has been symptom free.  It was a huge disappointment that it returned.  The ER doctor said “With the human body, no cure is a forever cure.”   Anyway, a  week later, they did the cardioconversion, which worked right off and his heart has stayed in rhythm since.  The cardiologist gives it a 50-50 chance of sticking for any length of time, but there are other treatments and they have come a long way with ablations.  Meanwhile, in the testing the discovered a leak with his mitral valve, but it is something that only needs monitoring so that is sort of the silver lining, they found that.

Kathryn’s Empire State Senior Games were last weekend.  She had a lot of fun, a whole building full of old women playing good volleyball.   I think it was about as much fun as I have had in a long time.  We (“Volleyball Chicks”) did great.  We played 12 games over the course of the day.   They took Gold in our age bracket (65+).  The event organizers  had us play in the 60+ bracket so we could get more games in and they won more games against the “youngsters” than they lost.  Taking gold qualifies this iteration of “Volleyball Chicks” to participate in the national tournament in Albuquerque next June.  Kathryn was introduced to another team who said to me “We aren’t very good.  We don’t expect to win anything.  We want to take 8 players, because some of our regulars have physical problems (knees) so you might not play the whole time.  But we need a setter so would you come to Utah with us” so Kathryn said Sure!


King of the Mountain AAU Tournament

Eric played in what was likely his last 2018 AAU tournament with his Mohawk Valley Elite team.  They lost a close game to a much large Coast-to-Coast team, won their 2nd game by ~30 points and lost their final game to the Connecticut Titans by 30 points.  Eric played well; mainly playing good defense, passing and rebounding.  He scored 2 points in each of his games.

Empire State Senior Games

Kathyrn joined a team of women from Syracuse and Rochester to compete in the 65+ Division at the Empire State Senior Games in Cortland.  She had a fabulous time at the Empire State Senior Games and played some great volleyball. Their team won most of the games they played against the next-younger age bracket teams and took Gold in our own age bracket. After 12 games of volleyball, it was a long full day.  Below are the “Volleyball Chicks” wearing their gold medals from the 2018 Empire State Senior Games.

Our House

Eric has been taking lots of pictures to enhance his final project (and grade) for his digital photography class; flowers, ponds, streams, woodpile, etc.  He took this picture from our pasture looking at the backside of our house and garage.

Mohawk Valley Elite Spring Tournament

Eric and his Mohawk Valley Elite AAU team played four games in a one day tournament on Saturday hosted at Accelerate Sports Complex. The team started off the season with a record of 1-8 and finished the  last nine games 7-2 in tournament play. Eric played mainly as a wing.  His strength was the ability to play defense versus 3-5 and rebound.  Eric had times when he was aggressive rebounding and getting steals, but wasn’t much of an offensive threat.  This was a good bunch of kids and thanks to the coaches for all their work.

Crown Point Bird Banding – Year 3

For the third year in a row Kathryn volunteered to do bird banding at the Crown Point station.  She overcame flu-like symptoms prior to leaving and ended up staying in a hotel rather than camping with the pop-up camper.  Below she is handling an Indigo Bunting.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird laying on it’s back.

AAU Hoopfest @ Mohonasen

Eric played in single day AAU tournament held at Mohonasen on Saturday.  They won their 1st two games by margins of 4 and 20 points earning their way to the championship game by virtual of point differential (1 point).  Eric had his usual performance, not scoring much but setting picks, rebounding and playing defense on positions 3-5.


Planting Trees and Blueberry Bushes

Once again I ordered trees and bushes through Herkimer County Soil and Water district: 50 White Spruce and 10 blueberry bushes.  The ten blueberry bushes were to fill in some holes in the existing row of bushes.  We waited until noon to plant so the sun could warm up the day.  Kathryn, Scout and Cullen all enjoyed being outside and feeling the sun.

The 50 spruce trees were to fill in the rows of Fraser Firs planted in the pasture across the stream with 10 trees planted in the woods across the road..

Snowshoe Repair

I got my snowshoes back from Mountain Soles. Other than the snow pile on the north side of my barn I have no snow to try them out. I got new decking support, rivets and deck wraps all for $100.