WinterCampers & The Making of Mohawk Valley Living

Due to popular demand from the Sunday morning TV viewing audience we are releasing “The Making Of….” I was contact by Sharry Whitney of Utica’s NewChannel2 who apparently stumbled across our web site &/or Utica OD last winter. She hung onto that valuable information until this winter for this show. This is a woman who is either a) tremendously organized or b) needs a new life/boyfriend/hobby. I agreed to meet the crew (Sharry and the camera man) at the Rome Family Y as they were filming interviews with YMCA personnel as part of the “Being Active in the Winter” program. As the rain poured down outside we sought a suitable filming location. Our 1st choice – the white background of the racquet ball courts – was rejected due to poor acoustics. We ended up in the kid’s playroom standing in front of the windows with a ‘rustic looking’ mottled brown and greenish chalkboard in the background. The interview consisted of Sharry asking me a couple of questions such as how I got started winter camping, what did I enjoy about winter camping and where are good places to go winter camping. It was all rather impromptu and ad hoc – but maybe that is the way these things are done. After the interview the camera man took some close ups of some of the gear I brought that is unique to winter camping including mittens, down booties, sleeping pads, and water bottle insulation. Our 10 Essentials list got published on the web site along with my winter camping reading reccommendations. No plans for a sequel have been announced yet.

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