I found a great web site of lists at They use tagging, voting and listing to sort resources in a way that will be digestible. You can search what you need quick. You can contribute your resources easier. They maintain pages of favorite, featured and new lists.  Their current front page 16 featured lists are:

  1. Windows open source and/or freeware
  2. List of Torrent Sites
  3. Listible Suggestions – What you want Listible to add, change, or remove.
  4. Best Web Design Resources – Resources for web designers. XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX
  5. Top FREE Anti-Virus Software
  6. Search engines
  7. Beer
  8. Best “Music Recommender” Websites
  9. Free blog hosts
  10. Best free wallpaper websites
  11. Best PC Security Sources
  12. Ever Expanding list of Chinese Blogs
  13. Free webmail providers
  14. AJAX Tutorials
  15. Best Online Calendars
  16. Essential WordPress Plugins

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