Local Water webcams

Depending upon the weather, visibility and amount of water these views can be quite spectular.

Cohoes Falls http://ny.water.usgs.gov/rt/pub/01357500.htm

Ausable River http://ny.water.usgs.gov/rt/pub/04275000.htm

Reynolds Channel at Point Lookout either as a webcam http://ny.water.usgs.gov/rt/pub/wc-01310740.html  or as a movie http://ny.water.usgs.gov/rt/pub/wc24-01310740.html
BTW – I always like to put in a plug for another of my favorite webcams (actually there are 3 separate cameras); The ‘wolfcam’ in Ely, MN. http://www.elyminnesota.com/cams/wolfcam/index3.php If you catch them feeding a deer to the wolves – it too is a spectular view.

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