I have met with * My orthopedic surgeon * The hospital who gave me a briefing and had me fill out a ton of paper work and drew blood * Red Cross to draw blood & store my blood in case things get really desperate * My primary care physician who drew blood and did an EKG to check me out to ensure I was healthy enough to operate on and who wanted an assessment from * My cardiac specialist who did an EKG and stress test Everyone gave a clean bill of health to proceed. I have packed my bag with clothes and books. I have my Ipod loaded with music and a couple of audiobooks. Since I will not be able to shower until the incision is closed I have purchase waterless shampoo and today got my hair cut to a buzz. We have rearranged the furniture in the living room and bedroom to better accommodate my walker. I have done what I can think of to make it easier for Kathryn – coordinate with the bank, shovel snow from everything that might need to be kept clear. Pretty much the only thing that didn’t get done was the installation of a side step bar for getting into my truck, but I have a plan B to try and get that done – it will just have to happen during the 1st couple weeks of my recuperation. And today our old washing machine broke down and K went out and got a new one, which won’t be installed until the 15th. Right now I am just trying to get to Tuesday without catching Eric’s cold or the intestinal bug that has been going around. Monday afternoon I call the hospital to see what time I am scheduled for. Tuesday is the operation, Tuesday night & Wednesday is ICU, Thursday I move to a regular unit and get up to move, Friday I try to walk a little with a walker, Saturday I show them that I can get up and down the stairs and hopefully will get to go home. The following week I start rehab, 6 weeks later I lose the crutches and return to work. It sounds so easy doesn’t it?

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