My 1st week home

I usually wake up in the morning pretty stiff as I am limited in the sleeping positions I can accommodate. Upon arising I slide down to the dining room table to have some tea and read. Usually Eric is up about the same time I am and we both go through a slow wake up process. Eric, Kathryn and I have breakfast together.

Since I still have my staples in my incision and can’t get it wet (or infected) I wash up in the bathroom and get a little assistance from Kathryn to wash my hair, help get dressed and get my right sock and shoe on. Afterwards I do my exercises – which are getting better every day.

I have special seating arrangements in each of the rooms.  I need a high chair (usually created by extra pillows) so that my hip stays open and at less than 90 degree angle.  I also need to have a seat with arms to assist in getting in/out of the chair as I can’t depend solely on using my legs (as I can’t get bent over them yet).  I navigate around the main floor using my walker.  I use a cane to go up/down stairs and I use my crutches when I go to Physical Therapy.  I am hoping to shed the walker in next week or so.

I occupy my time by surfing the internet, reading magazines, watching TV or listening to one of the audio books that I .transferred to my IPod. Right now I am listening to the 1st Harry Potter book. Prior to my surgery I recorded numerous shows on our DVR. Mainly I have watched shows from The History Channel (The Presidents, History’s Mysteries, and Modern Marvels); and horse training shows from RFD TV.

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