Organizing the camping gear

This past weekend was rainy and cold. I had to take care of Eric so he and I spent 2 hours to organize our “camping room”. We have a small ex-bedroom upstairs designated as “The Camping Room”. In it is a closet of clothes, a hutch with medical supplies and three western saddles, but the rest of the room has camping gear. Over the past 35 years Kathryn & have accumulated a lot of camping gear.

  • 6 sleeping bags & 6 thermarests
  • 5 tents and a couple of tarps
  • assorted winter camping clothes
  • Crazy Creek chairs, space blankets, and ponchos
  • 4 backpacks & 5 daypacks
  • 4 stoves, cooking kits, pots, Outback Oven, cups, plates, etc.
  • lots of duffel bags, dry bags and stuff sacks

The tents and sleeping bags now all reside in labeled computer boxes on storage racks. The sleeping pads are inflated and stretched out across the stored saddles. All the duffel bags and stuff sacks are in another computer box on a rack. I have my cannisters of stove fuel lined up on a shelf so that the partially used cans are in front. My firestarter, candles and extra matches are in a shoebox. All the parachute cord resides in another shoebox. Ready to go!

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