Thursday catchup

This has been an interesting week. I made travel plans to fly out of Albany airport to Melbourne FL on Wed-Thurs only to have them cancelled the last minute and cancelling my overnight in Schoharie.

Kathryn’s volleyball teams are in the final week of playoffs. Her Tuesday night team bowed out early in the process but it is all in good sport.  Tonight are the Sand Fleas playoffs and the league banquet is next Thursday.
Eric excitedly went to day care on Tuesday morning because there was a new child that was 3 years old . Expecting a sympathetic playmate he came home disappointed as the new boy was too shy to play much.

We have been wallpapering the bedroom. Kathryn bought a steamer which greatly helped the process of removing the old paper. Monday the room was spackled and sized and Tuesday she got about 1/3 of the new wallpaper up. At least now we don’t have to move the two dressers very morning to make room for working on that portion of the wall.
This past weekend I managed to cut a little wood across the road and cleared a couple of Kathryn’s trails for use.

Monday I had shale dropped off in the wet spot in the lane leading to the back hayfield across the road. There is a culvert for the small stream. One the edges had eroded and the area over the culvert was prone to being a deep mud puddle. So I spread shale across the crossing and laid up stonework to hold in the dirt I plan to dump to stem the erosion.
Last night I started packing for a canoe camping trip to Cranberry Lake. Other than our trip down the Chenango in June I haven’t done any canoe camping this summer and I look forward it.

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