Camping at Massawepie

Instead of competing in the Adirondack Canoe Classic 90 Mile Canoe Race Skip & I decided we would arrange for a group camping trip to Massawepi Lake for the weekend of September 8-11. Massawepie is used by the Boy Scouts from Memorial Day to Labor Day so not many people are accustomed to travelling there. Steve, Linda, Bonnie, Cindy, Skip, Kathryn, Eric & I comprised the group. Most of the party left on Friday morning to ensure they could enjoy the beautiful weather on Friday. I was up to my eyeballs writing white papers so I worked on Friday and joined everyone on Saturday morning.

It was raining on and off as I drove north and I had a steady rain crossing the lake in my solo canoe. The group was well set up with tents and tarps and certainly well fed. I brought in some of Rhinda’s marinated salmon to be grilled over a campfire. It was cool and damp most of the day but we stayed dry. After dinner Eric and I went fishing and he caught several small bass. This was Eric’s 1st experience in sleeping in a tent and he did great. I think next time we could do even more of a remote experience. The next morning was dry as we packed up and headed out late morning. I left the group and headed to Lake Placid for my week long Leave No Trace backpacking course.

Steve rotates the sweet corn while Linda and Cindy warm up their clothes; Bonnie warms up her internals while Kathryn and Eric share a hug around the fire.

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