Car Talk’s Practical Car Jokes

I heard Click and Clack’s Car Talk show and was intrigued by their discussion of Car Practical Jokes.  They discussed one where a co-worker secretly kept filling another co-worker’s gas tank – completely disrupting their car mileage computations.  It prompted me to send in a story. 

Some number of years ago my co-workers and I installed two jacks under the rear end of a co-worker’s car, lifting “Steve’s” car marginally so the rear tires were minutely removed from contact with the ground. 

We faked a call from a customer giving an important demonstration by saying the software program wasn’t working and “Steve” needed to come over right away to fix the problem. 

“Steve” raced to his car, started it, put it in Drive and mashed his foot on the gas pedal only to have the car race in place.  We were watching from an office window as he put the car back into Park and repeated the sequence, abet a more carefully.  After the 2nd attempt to leave he exited the car and began a walk around finally spotting the elevated tires and co-workers laughing hysterically.  


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