The Bachelors

Kathryn and her gal pals are headed to the Virgin Islands for a week of sun, snorkeling, reading, napping and relaxing.  They are all packed and head out at 3am in the morning.  Eric and I will be bachelors for a week.  Most nights are full – we are planning on going out to eat Wed night for our friend Bob’s birthday, Thursday night we will go swimming, Friday is open.  This weekend we are going to Schoharie and got invited to my sisters for a celebration of my nephew’s birthday – a real plus as Eric can play with his cousin Nathan.  Next week we will go swimming on Monday, my other sister is planning a visit for Tuesday night, Wednesday night is guys night out at the diner and Thursday is swim night.  Friday AM K will be home.   Tuesday and Thursdays Eric will be at pre-school and the other days he will be at his buddy Trevor’s or at the baby sitters.  Stay tuned………

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