Yahoo, more snow!

We have about 30″ of snow on our lawn. Fortunately we have been on the fringes of the Snow Belt. It is cool to watch the weather radar show it oscillating N-S, but I would just as soon it stays north. 

I would make the real triangle be Camden, which is west of Rome, Syracuse to the south and Oswego to the north. This past week they have had 90+” of snow in that triangle. Whereas we are expected to get an additional 2-4″ of snow tonight Oswego and areas up there are expecting 6-10″ of snow. This is all pretty remarkable considering that 12 days ago we didn’t have enough snow to go snowshoeing. The daily snowfall map pretty much says it all.

On my way into work today the roads were snow packed, but not bad until I got into Rome. As I turned onto Black River Blvd – the main drag – there was a car off the road in a snow drift. No one was hurt, the woman just slid off the road. A trooper was putting a towing belt on the car to pull her out. There were a couple of cars waiting to make a left turn against the slow moving traffic flow. It caused a back up of traffic through the intersection. I heard someone in back of me beeping their horn. Probably someone pulled into the Ridge Mills intersection and couldn’t pull through – thus causing a momentary gridlock. In Rome NY! Imagine. 

Tonight we shoveled off our deck and dug a path so Trey could get out into the lawn to poop. Then we played on the snow piles our show plow guy had made. Since he has been plowing 4-8″ every day it makes for some sizeable snow piles. We made a small snow cave and then played king on the mountain before coming in for dinner.

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